#825 – Star Trek Movie Holy Week: Good Friday

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Today is Good Friday. The day Christians reflect upon Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross. It’s not as joyous and celebrative as Easter Sunday but it’s important. Without Good Friday there would be nothing to celebrate come Easter Sunday.

Every great movie series has its own Good Friday movie. Star Wars has The Empire Strikes Back, Harry Potter has The Half-Blood Prince and Star Trek has Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

The Wrath of Khan is my favorite Star Trek movie. It is also the most emotional as Spock sacrifices his life for his crewmates. Like Good Friday, The Wrath of Khan ends on a depressing note, but hope always remains.

Let’s compare Good Friday and The Wrath of Khan by checking out the tale of the tape.

Good Friday

Tale of the Tape

The Wrath of Khan

Jesus Christ √

Sacrificial Hero


Love √



Simon Peter


Dr. McCoy √

Pontius Pilate

Lead Bad Guy

Khan √


Other Bad Guy

80s Rock Band Supermen √

Cat of Nine Tails √

Torture Method

Radiation Poisoning


Suspended From/In

Photon Torpedo √



Mutara Nebula √


Mode of Transportation

Enterprise √

“Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?”

Hero’s Final Words

“Live long and prosper” √

Garden Tomb

Burial Place

Genesis Planet √

Easter Sunday √


The Search for Spock

Salvation √


Best Star Trek movie

The Wrath of Khan wins more categories but ultimately Good Friday is victorious. The Wrath of Khan may be the best Star Trek movie, but it’ll lose every time to salvation.

How does Good Friday make you feel? Depressed? Guilty? Thankful?


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