#819 – Likes, Retweets and Page Views



I’m glad social media exist. If they didn’t, how else would I know how to feel about myself or how would I validate myself?

When I post a picture on Instagram and it doesn’t get very many likes, then that’s a bad day. How could I feel good about myself if only 20 people liked a picture of my dog? My dog is adorable and if more than 20 people can’t see that, then there must be something wrong with me.

However, when I post a picture on Instagram and it gets a lot of likes, then that’s a great day. If I post a picture of the hamburger that I ate for lunch and 40 people like it, then I feel great. 40 people! That means two times as many people like me as before! That means I’m twice as good as I was before. That’s a great day.

Sometimes I don’t post a picture and I’ll post an inspiring tweet, something that I though was insightful and encouraging. If only two people retweet it, though, then it must not have been that insightful or encouraging. In fact, if only two people retweet it, then that must mean I’m not very insightful or encouraging. If only two people retweet something I say then I must not have anything worth saying at all.

But the next day I’ll tweet something that I didn’t think was very insightful, but 10 people will retweet it. Even though I didn’t think it was that great, five times as many people disagreed. So instead of not having anything worthwhile to say, even the stuff I don’t think is that great is amazing! There’s nothing better than knowing people respect what I say and feel the need to share it with all of their followers. That’s a really great day.

People respecting what I say is great, but knowing I’ve made an impact in their lives is even better. Which is why I get so down when I don’t get a lot of page views on this blog. Even though I’ve influenced a lot of students over the years and helped them more faithfully follow Jesus, if I don’t get a lot of page views then I don’t feel like I’m making an impact. Is there a better way to impact the world than by telling people about Jesus and Star Wars? If there is, I don’t know it. And when no one is looking at my blog then I must not be having an impact.

But some days my page views are through the roof! Those are the best days of all because I can really see the impact I’m having. I love page views because they give me a way to gauge the impact I’m having. If it weren’t for page views how else would I know the impact I’m having? There’s no better feeling than knowing a lot of people looked at my blog and were probably changed because of it. What else could a lot of page views mean?

So I really love social media. They give me an empirical way to gauge my value, my worth and my impact. It is upsetting that they can fluctuate so often, but they’re our only option. Where else would we look to find our value, our worth and our impact? What else or who else could give us better insight in our true value, our true worth and our true impact?

Thank goodness for social media. We’d really be lost without them.

Where do you find your true value, your true worth and your true impact?


2 comments on “#819 – Likes, Retweets and Page Views”

  1. I don’t understand. Is it April fools day? I’m confused. You were being sarcastic, or ironic, right? I really sincerely hope so because finding self worth in social media is not healthy. Ever. Sure validation is nice sometimes. It means your friends (or that borderline stalker person you only kind of half way know but you added them anyway) still have something in common with you and they’re not dead. God is who you should find your self worth in! He is the One who created you and His love should be the only validation anyone ever needs! He knows the depths of our hearts and He loves us the same. In the end, that’s really all that matters. Not the number of page views or likes you get.

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