#806 – End of Vacation


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Last week I shared some nerdy spots to escape for spring break. I didn’t make it to Risa or Tatooine, but I did make it to Las Vegas, San Diego and Camarillo. I had a great week off and I think I’m ready to get back to work.

I love my job but I also love vacation. We need to see a vacation as an opportunity to rest our bodies and fill our souls for the work to which we’ve been called. For me that means stepping back into a week of youth group, meetings and preaching.

Working at a church it’s easy to feel like I’m doing what God has called me to do. But no matter where we work or what we find ourselves doing, God has given us a purpose.

I had a God-given purpose as a student.

I had a God-given purpose when I was fixing computers.

I have a God-given purpose now as a youth pastor.

We all have a God-given purpose and we should do everything we can to fulfill that purpose. Taking time off and going on a vacation is a great way to prepare our hearts for our God-given purpose. We can’t keep going nonstop and expect to be effective in our God-given purpose.

God created the Sabbath so that we could find time to rest and focus on him. Resting for one day a week allows us to better fulfill our purpose during the other six. And taking two weeks off a year allows us to better fulfill our purpose during the other 52.

I’m happy to work and fulfill my purpose for God. But I’m also happy that fulfilling my purpose for God includes taking time off to spend with him.

How does rest strengthen your ability to fulfill your God-given purpose?


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