#802 – Nerdy Spring Break Getaways

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It’s spring break for most of the students in our ministry. Which also means it’s time for me to take a little break of my own.

Since we don’t have any ministry planned for this week, Alycia and I are getting away this week. We’re going to spend a few nights in Las Vegas and this weekend we’ll be away at a wedding.

Spring break is the perfect time to get away and escape to a sunnier and warmer climate. There aren’t many places sunnier and warmer than southern California, so I might need to check out one of these nerdy spring break getaways.



I really enjoy going on vacation. I love my job but I love waking up without any responsibilities and the opportunity to do whatever I want. For me that usually involves eating a good meal and reading a book on the beach. Risa is the pleasure planet of the Star Trek universe, focused on fulfilling sexual desires. Even if I wasn’t looking for any carousing, though, I still think Risa is the place for me. It’s always sunny and there are plenty of beaches upon which to relax and enjoy a drink with an umbrella in it. Just thinking about Risa makes me wish I had a warp-capable ship and the coordinates to get there.



Yosemite is on the other end of the vacation spectrum. Beaches were made for relaxing in the sun; national parks like Yosemite were made for hiking and exploring. If I’m a Risa then Alycia is definitely a Yosemite. She’s loves camping and spending time outdoors. She’s perfectly happy sleeping in a tent, cooking meals on a propane stove and spending her vacation days hiking through the woods. My wife would have gotten along great with Captain Kirk, though I don’t know if she would be up for free climbing El Capitan.


Luke Tatooine

If Yosemite is roughing it then Tatooine is just plain rough. I don’t know if anyone really ever chooses to vacation on Tatooine; it really just seems like a planet people end up on. Qui-Gon and Padmé ended up there because their ship broke down and Luke couldn’t wait to leave it in his star trails. There are those, though, who have experienced a very long and very cold winter. The polar vortex has brought everything related to winter except for the White Walkers. If I had to spend five or six months digging myself out of snow and rarely seeing the sun, I might not be opposed to vacationing beneath Tatooine’s twin suns.

While Risa and Yosemite would be nice, we’ll just have to settle for Las Vegas. It may not have countless beaches and natural waterfalls, but it does have a fake pyramid and plenty of manmade waterfalls. Regardless of where we spend spring break or take our vacations, we need to remember that rest is a God-given gift, meant to refresh our souls and center our hearts on him.

What other nerdy spring break locations would you like to visit?


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