#801 – Nerdy St. Patrick’s Day


While it may not be very Christlike, I’ll probably punch someone in the face if they pinch me for not wearing green.

I’m not on board with most holidays we Americans have hijacked for our own purposes of partying and drinking too much.

In America we celebrate Cinco de Mayo, even though Mexican Independence Day actually takes place on September 16.

Adults have turned Halloween from a time for kids to dress up and celebrate into an excuse for themselves to dress scantily and drink too much.

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t really celebrated in Ireland but Americans have turned it into a reason to drink green beer all day.

So while I won’t be out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, wearing green and looking for a leprechaun, here are some nerdy ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

The Incredible Hulk


From the moment I saw the first trailer, I knew that the Hulk was going to be the crowd favorite in The Avengers. Mark Ruffalo did a great job as Bruce Banner, but it was really his CGI counterpart that stole the show. I’m always up for watching The Avengers again, but how about watching The Incredible Hulk this March 17? He’s big. He’s angry. And, most importantly for today, he’s green. Please don’t watch Ang Lee’s Hulk; make sure you watch 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. It doesn’t have Ruffalo, but Edward Norton is perfect as Bruce Banner on the run. The movie’s action may pale in comparison to The Avengers, but it’s fun to see the Hulk break Harlem.



Other than the Hulk, my favorite green super hero is probably Master Chief. I love the Halo games, both single player and multiplayer. I cannot count the hours I’ve spent, controller in hand, trying to stick my friends with plasma grenades or cut them down with an energy sword. While St. Patrick didn’t drive the snakes from Ireland, you could celebrate him by driving the Flood from the galaxy.



Even though I may not approve of all the debauchery, I am on board with eating some Irish food. I don’t think corned beef and cabbage is technically Irish, but I don’t mind eating it. I also don’t mind eating shepherd’s pie or bangers and mash. We shouldn’t overindulge in anything, alcohol or food, but if we have a light breakfast and lunch, then maybe we can enjoy a fine Irish meal with a clear conscience – even if we’re not wearing green.

We shouldn’t celebrate St. Patrick by drinking green beer until we throw up green vomit. We should celebrate him year round by following his example. He didn’t chase the snakes out of Ireland, but he did share the love of Christ with those throughout Ireland. Hopefully we can do the same with those around us, whether they’re Irish or not.

What other nerdy ways could you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?


2 comments on “#801 – Nerdy St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. I’ll recite the lyrics from “Wearin’ of the Green.” I found it in Fireside Book of Favorite American Songs. It talks about how the bloody English treated the Irish. Maybe later I’ll watch The Boondock Saints.

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