#791 – Elements and Animals



We have been going through The Story with our junior high students. The Story is the Bible told in story form, like a novelization of God’s word. This weekend our story came out of Daniel. Our lesson focused on the fiery furnace and Daniel in the lions’ den. Those are two classic Bible stories that get taught over and over again in Sunday school classes.

Those stories really highlight two keys to a great children’s Bible story: elements and animals.

I’m so grateful that I grew up in a Christian home. My strong Christian upbringing is just another example of God’s grace. A big part of that upbringing involved going to Sunday school every week. I loved Sunday school even though it seemed like we always heard the same stories. Looking back now, I realize that most of the best children’s Bible stories involved elements, animals or both.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list.


  • Lot’s wife: salt
  • The fiery furnace: fire.
  • Elijah on Mt. Carmel: fire.
  • Elijah praying for rain: water.
  • Jesus calming the storm: water.
  • Jesus walking on water: water.


  • Samson: lions.
  • David: Lions and bears.
  • Daniel: lions.
  • The Legion-possessed man: pigs
  • The Sermon on the Mount: sparrows.
  • Revelation: dragons.

Elemental and Animal

  • Creation: light, darkness, water and animals.
  • Noah: water and animals
  • Abraham and Isaac: fire and goats.
  • Jonah: water and whales.

These were some of my favorite Sunday school stories. I don’t know if it was because of the elements, the animals or because they worked out really well on the flannel graph.

I loved Sunday school and I know that God used it to build a firm foundation of faith. When I decided to make my faith my own I already had a strong start. I don’t have kids yet, but I know that they’ll be in Sunday school every week.

What other Bible stories deal with elements, animals or both?


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