#786 – Heroes: Reborn

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This weekend NBC announced that it was reviving Heroes after canceling it four years ago. The show will return next year as a 13-episode miniseries titled Heroes: Reborn. I don’t know who is excited about this but NBC used some of its Olympic airtime to make the big announcement to the world.

Apparently Jesus isn’t the only one who can get resurrected. Heroes is coming back to life. I was never a big fan of Heroes so I’m not too excited about its resurrection. Here are some other shows I’d rather see come back to life.



Of all the nerdy shows canceled too soon, Firefly has the most ardent supporters. I love Firefly but have to admit that I didn’t watch it when it originally aired. That’s partially my fault but also Fox’s fault for always broadcasting it at different times. Even in its only season, Firefly had a compelling story and well developed characters. People cared so much about its cancellation because they had already grown to care so much for Mal, Jayne, Shepherd Book and the rest. Serenity was a good way to bring closure to the series but I wouldn’t mind watching more adventures of Serenity and her crew.

Better Off Ted


Better Off Ted isn’t very nerdy but it was one of the funniest sitcoms I’ve ever watched. Better Off Ted told the story of Ted, a nice guy and executive working for a soul-crushing corporation. The interactions among Ted, his boss and his coworkers were hilarious. I did watch Better Off Ted when it originally aired and have watched it again numerous times on Netflix. It’s probably a little NSFC but not nearly as debaucherous as other shows. I can’t see Better Off Ted coming back to life like Arrested Development, but I would be ecstatic to see more fake commercials like this.

Star Trek


I have enjoyed the two most recent Star Trek movies. J.J. Abrams resurrected the franchise and breathed new life into it. Unfortunately Star Trek isn’t at its best in a two-hour movie. Star Trek movies need to focus on action and galaxy-ending dilemmas. Star Trek is at its best when exploring characters who are exploring the universe. I’ve already written at length about why I think Star Trek needs to be back on TV. Suffice it to say, if Star Trek came back on TV it might be my second favorite resurrection of all time. Sorry, Lazarus.

Heroes is coming back but I’d gladly trade it for one of the shows above. Hopefully the Heroes resurrection will be more like its first season instead of its subsequent seasons. And, if worst comes to worst, we can just watch Firefly or The Next Generation for the umpteenth time.

What show would you like to see resurrected?


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  1. Regarding a Star Trek “comeback”: check out the online fan-made episodes from Star Trek Continues, and especially Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II. New Voyages got off to a rocky start in their first episode (just don’t bother watching “Come What May”!), but after that, they got good REAL fast. Their latest episode, “Kitumba”, I would put right up there with the best shows of the original series.

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