#781 – Faithful

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There are a lot of reasons I love youth ministry.

Hanging out with kids means that I can still act like a kid.

Students growing into leaders fills my heart with so much joy.

There’s nothing better than seeing students take hold of Jesus and just chase after him.

I also love when I learn something while teaching them.

Last night I was leading a small group. We were looking at Romans 4 and what it means to be faithful. One of the questions focused on how our being faithful can influence those around us. That’s a basic small group question but God really spoke to me as I was answering it.

I realized that when I’m faithful to God I feel more empowered to be faithful in my calling.

This year I have really been focused on drawing closer to God. For me that means being more consistent in my time with God and doing everything I can to avoid temptation. Those efforts combined with God’s grace have really produced some fruit in my life. Until last night I didn’t realize what some of that fruit was.

All this year I feel like I’ve been pretty fired up when speaking to our students. I thought it was just because we’ve been talking about Jesus and getting fired up about Jesus is a great thing. Last night, though, I realized that since I’ve been more faithful to God then I could be more faithful in my calling.

I’ve gone through plenty of seasons where I haven’t been very faithful. During those seasons I’ve doubted my calling and myself. When we feel like we’re being unfaithful, it’s like we’re standing on shaky ground. When we try to stand up and be faithful in our calling, we can’t stand as high because of our faulty foundation.

When we’re faithful, though, the situation couldn’t be any different. When we’re faithful to God it puts us in a position to be faithful to his calling in our lives. Instead of second-guessing ourselves and wondering whether or not God is going to use, we’re freed to act from a solid foundation.

We should be faithful to God because he is eternally faithful to us. We should also be faithful because it puts us in a better position to be more faithful in our calling.

What helps you remain faithful to God?


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