#780 – Nerdy Valentine’s Day

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It’s Valentine’s Day.

I think most people feel one of three ways about Valentine’s Day: they love it, they hate it or they’re completely indifferent towards it.

I’m definitely indifferent towards it. I’ve always been indifferent towards it, even when I didn’t have a girlfriend or a wife.

If you’re looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day, though, here are some nerdy options whether you’re single or not.


I’ve spent the majority of my Valentine’s Days alone. Here are some nerdy options if you’re single.

  • Hang out with your other single friends and play video games or have a Lord of the Rings marathon.
  • Stay at home and organize your Magic cards by color, type and then alphabetize them (also good for a random Thursday if you’re married).
  • Watch The Empire Strikes Back and be glad that at least you’re not kissing your brother or sister.
  • Search Twitter for the hashtag #foreveralone and feel better about yourself.
  • Play Mass Effect and work on having a virtual relationship, perhaps with an alien if you want to spice things up.
  • Watch Alien and be happy that you’re not alone with a xenomorph.


I’ve spent eight Valentine’s Days taken, seven of them with Alycia. We’ve got an exciting evening planned of going to church and eating pizza at home. Here are some other nerdy options if you’re taken.

  • Watch In Time. It’s a romantic comedy from the director of Love Actually. It’s a romantic comedy but it also involves time travel.
  • You could also watch “The Perfect Mate,” an episode from The Next Generation’s fifth season. It’s my favorite episode and the relationship between Picard and Kamala is perfect. In 45 minutes they develop a better relationship than Bella and Edward did in four Twilight movies.
  • You could watch the Twilight movies and feel tremendously encouraged about your relationship.
  • You could play video games together. What better way to celebrate your love for each other than fragging people together online?
  • Post an annoying number of selfies together, hashtagging each of them with #neveralone.
  • Read the Bible together, specifically Song of Songs, but only if you’re married.

Valentine’s Day feels like the most Hallmark of Hallmark holidays. It really is just another day. If you’re single, it’s just another day to become more the person God made you to be, trusting that he will bring you the right person at the right time. If you’re married, it’s just another day to show your spouse how much you love him or her.

In what nerdy ways are you going to celebrate Valentine’s Day?


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