#767 – New Doctor, New Wardrobe



Yesterday the BBC released the first official picture of the Twelfth Doctor in his personal costume. I like the costume even if it looks little bit like the Eleventh Doctor’s. I like the blue and I really like the crazy eyes. If Matt Smith was crazy with his hands I think Capaldi is going to double the amount of crazy just with his eyes.

It’s great that each of the Doctor’s regenerations finds his own style. Here are some other nerdy costume changes.

Starfleet Uniform


There have been a lot of changes to the Starfleet uniform over the years. The original crew wore brightly colored shirts. Drastic changes were made for the movies and even The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager weren’t safe from uniform changes. My favorite uniform change was also one of the subtlest. The uniform for the main cast of The Next Generation changed slightly from season two to season three. The jumpsuits were switched out for a more comfortable shirt and pants ensemble. The uniform change wasn’t that significant, but it symbolized a tremendous leap in The Next Generation’s quality. TNG took a huge step forward in season 3 and really hit its stride, which would carry through the finale.

Mark VI Armor


I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the Iron Man movies. Robert Downey Jr. has been a tremendous anchor for the first two phases of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. I even enjoyed Iron Man 2, when most people seemed disappointed by it. While I enjoyed the movie, I didn’t enjoy the changes it made to the Iron Man armor. I liked the briefcase armor but not the Mark VI, the suit Tony donned for the final fight. I didn’t like the triangle on the suit and I was more than happy that Joss Whedon got rid of it in The Avengers.

The X-Men


My love for the X-Men has been well documented on this blog. I love the X-Men. They are by far my favorite super hero team and my favorite comic book. Uncanny X-Men 275 is my favorite comic book of all time. I remember reading it over and over again, even though I had no idea why the X-Men were in space or why Professor X was walking again. The X-Men have gone through various costume changes over the years. They started with classic blue and yellow uniforms that were ditched and adopted again over the years. As far as I know, there is no set uniform for the X-Men these days. Just whatever the hero wants to wear with an X somewhere on the ensemble. So Namor can get away with wearing a Speedo because it has an X belt buckle.

Costumes are important in a lot of our favorite nerdclinations. We shouldn’t be too concerned with them, though, since Jesus said that life is more important than clothing. Still, if I could put together an awesome Twelfth Doctor costume for Halloween, I wouldn’t mind.

What are some of your favorite nerdy costume changes?


4 comments on “#767 – New Doctor, New Wardrobe”

  1. I love when TNG was experimenting with that ultra-short dress uniform for the men. It was like they were trying to see if they could make gender roles irrelevant in the future, but it was just SO distracting. I did think the new uniforms looked more comfy. I also liked the slit in the leg of the pants near the feet. I think it looked snazzy.

  2. An appropriate post given that today is the feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas, “The Angelic Doctor” 🙂

    We’ll have to wait until the end of time before he regenerates and gets a new body though… :-/

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