#766 – Batman Vs. Superman Delayed

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Last week Warner Bros. announced that it was pushing back the released of Batman Vs. Superman. The follow up to Man of Steel was originally set to debut on July 17, 2015, joining The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Episode 7 also set to release in 2015. However the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel will now butt heads on May 6, 2016.

No reason was given for the delay but it seems like Warner Bros. and DC may have wanted more time to work things out. They have a lot riding on Batman Vs. Superman, which is shaping up to be the launching point for an eventual Justice League movie. I’m happy that the producers are taking their time and waiting a little longer in order to get things right.

For once we can learn a positive example from Hollywood.

I had some concerns when Batman Vs. Superman was first announced. I wrote:

I’m worried that DC is moving too quickly in its attempts to team up its heroes. The Avengers is one of the most successful movies of all time but that only happened because Marvel started with a plan. Iron Man came out in 2008 and planted seeds that bore fruit four years later. Marvel took time with the Avengers, introducing them slowly and methodically.

It seems that Warner Bros. and DC felt the same way. Instead of trying to churn out a sequel as quickly as possible, they’re choosing to take their time and get all of their super heroes in a row.

Too often we fall into behavior that models most of Hollywood. We want everything in our lives to happen as quickly as possible. We’ve lost any semblance of patience. Instead of the fulfillment that comes from waiting, we want the instant gratification of what we can have right now. And when we can’t get something right now, we move onto something we can.

Building lasting friendships takes too long, so we settle for social media friendships.

Producing fruit through our service takes too long, so we go from new ministry opportunity to new ministry opportunity, only sticking around until the shine wears off.

Becoming more and more like Christ takes too long, so we settle for a life of middling faith, trapped in cycles of sin and apathy.

The best and most impactful aspects of our lives require time and patience. DC and Warner Bros. are taking more time to make Batman Vs. Superman the best it can be. Our relationships, service, work and faith could benefit from the same kind of patience.

Gotham wasn’t built in a day and neither are the best parts of our lives.

What helps you to be patient when growing different parts of your life?


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