#754 – Review: Frozen



Frozen came out the day before Thanksgiving so this review isn’t very timely. However, Alycia and I saw Disney Animation Studios’ latest effort last week and fell in love. Frozen isn’t just a great Disney movie or a great animated movie; it is simply a great movie.

The animation is beautiful, the songs are infectious and the characters are loveable and memorable. I bought the soundtrack after watching the movie and both Alycia and I have been listening to it nonstop. I think Frozen has a chance to join Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King as an all-time Disney classic.

Here are some other thoughts I had while watching the movie.


We’re not meant to be alone. This is a biblical truth but we can also see it in almost every movie, novel and television show. Elsa lives her life alone but it isn’t all she wants it to be. Anna wants to fill her life with other people and finds so much more joy when she does. We all need to find those people who bring us joy and happiness, the people who accept us for who we are. Really, we all need to find someone worth melting for.

Fixer Upper

One of the musical numbers in Frozen is the song “Fixer Upper.” It’s a fun and funny song that focuses on a very deep reality. No matter where we’re at in life, no matter how long we’ve been following Christ, we’re always going to be a fixer upper. Until we meet Christ on this or the new earth, we’re always going to be works in progress. I often get frustrated by the sanctification process but we need to believe Philippians 1:6, which says, “that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” God will finish the work he began in our lives; we’re not always going to be fixer uppers.


I love Olaf. He might be my favorite Disney sidekick ever. He’s hilarious without being annoying. And he’s poignant without being preachy. He’s also a great example of not allowing anything to hold back our dreams. God wants to do amazing things in us and through us. Too often, though, we don’t reach our potential because we allow our circumstances or our sin to hold us back. But if a snowman can dream about the summer, then we can dream about whatever God is calling us to.

If you can’t tell, I absolutely loved Frozen. All I want to do is listen to the soundtrack and go watch it again. I get excited about a lot of movies but this one really snuck up on me. If you haven’t seen it, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

What did you think about Frozen?


3 comments on “#754 – Review: Frozen”

  1. I was pleasantly surprised by it and I definitely enjoyed it more than Tangled. I think I was able to appreciate it more as a girl with a sister. 🙂 The animation WAS gorgeous (though Disney princesses are starting to look more and more like bug-eyed aliens…) and the story had some really nice elements and themes. I still fail to see any connection to the Hans Christian Andersen story they claim it’s based on, though.

    I thought the music was generally good, but it sort of lacked continuity (But I am ultra picky when it comes to film music). I wish Disney would continue to work with Alan Menken. I really feel like his work was what made all of those Classics so great. He did work on Tangled, but got stuck with a terrible lyricist. (“And then I brush and brush and brush and brush my hair…” Seriously…?)

    I guess some of these comments are sort of negative… But I really did enjoy Frozen! I don’t think I’d rank it with Beauty and the Beast, but that might just be because Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie.

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