#753 – Nerdy Winter Sports


Not to rub it in for any of you experiencing record cold temperatures, but the weather has been pretty awesome for a couple weeks in southern California. When other parts of the nation have hunkered down to avoid dying from the cold, I’ve been walking around in shorts and sandals.

For those of you braving the cold, though, here are some nerdy winter sports to help pass the time.

Tauntaun Racing


Hoth looked really cold. Even the indigenous animals died when left out in the open. However, before those indigenous animals die, it would be a lot of fun to race them across the frozen tundra. I can just imagine Han and Luke betting credits or rides in the Millennium Falcon. I’ve only ridden a horse once and even then it was only at a slow trot. I imagine racing a tauntaun at full speed would be a lot more fun, even if the cold peeled away my face.

Drakoulias Fighting


A drakoulias isn’t some Greek vampire. A drakoulias is the furry animal that tried devouring Kirk on Delta Vega in Star Trek. People are stupid and enjoy endangering their lives around violent animals. People ride bulls, run with bulls and fight bulls. I’m pretty sure Kirk would have turned and faced the drakoulias if he’d had a sword, a cape, a silly hat and a rose.

Hobbit Carrying


Legolas was a lot like people in southern California when the Fellowship tried going over the mountain. Everyone else was waist-deep or neck-deep in snow and Legolas was just walking on top of it. Carrying hobbits through snow would be a great workout. Beginners would have to start with a Frodo and work their way up to a Sam. Maybe after enough practice they could even find themselves carrying an entire Gimli.

God shows his goodness in the sun and in the snow. Thankfully we know that whatever weather we face isn’t the work of an angry god. Though if I don’t get some snow soon, I won’t even be able to carry a Pippen.

What other nerdy winter sports would you like to play?


3 comments on “#753 – Nerdy Winter Sports”

  1. How in the world did you learn that the thing on Delta Vega was a “drakoulias”? I am impressed and have learned something new!

    Not being a fan of winter, I would refuse to play any winter sport, however nerdy. 🙂

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