#738 – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Poster

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The above poster started making its way around the Internet this past weekend. The artwork looked a little funny and it was a low quality picture. There was some debate as to its validity since it not only showed Rhino and Electro but also the Green Goblin, an as yet unannounced villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I took the poster with a grain of salt waiting to get some confirmation on its legitimacy.

That confirmation came yesterday and it looks like Marc Webb is attempting to fit as many of the Sinister Six as possible into his sequel.

I didn’t really like The Amazing Spider-Man. You can read my original review here but, for the most part, the retelling of Spider-Man’s origin story bored me. I was looking forward to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 because I thought it would do justice to the conclusion of Gwen Stacy’s storyline. Now, though, with the addition of another villain, I’m concerned that powerful story will get lost amidst the introduction of so many of Spider-Man’s nemeses.

I understand the desire to make things bigger in sequels but that doesn’t always make everything better. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 only had one villain and it’s arguably the best of the bunch. X-Men 3 added more mutants than anyone could count and almost killed the franchise. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had an opportunity to tell an intimate story of love and loss. Now, though, it seems focused on setting up the Sinister Six for the eventual The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Even though I’m casting aspersions on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 because of a poster, we shouldn’t pass final judgment on the movie until we actually see it. Perhaps Marc Webb will do a tremendous job of developing each character and placing them in a compelling story.

At this point, though, it looks like Spider-Man is fighting a Transformer, a Smurf and another Green Goblin not wearing a green mask and purple underwear.

What was your reaction to this new The Amazing Spider-Man 2 poster?


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