#733 – Middle School Football

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We all know the Internet can be a terrible place. I have a friend who writes for an Android website. When he even suggests that iPhones have some good features the comments are filled with tremendous vitriol. People make very personal attacks all because of cell phone operating systems.

I don’t get it.

Sometimes, though, the Internet can be a wonderful place. Actually the Internet is neutral, it’s just a reflection of what humanity is capable of. And while we often see the brokenness of humanity reflected on the Internet, sometimes we see its beauty as well.

The video below tells a beautiful story of a middle school football team standing up for and supporting its waterboy.

I love stories like this that show the redeemed and beautiful parts of humanity. My favorite part of the video is when one of the boys gets overcome with emotions. It’s like he can’t fully express the depth and beauty of what they did for Danny.

This week we take some extra time to remember everything for which we’re thankful. Along with family and friends, we should thank God for signs of his redemptive work.

Even when we find them on the Internet.

What are you thankful for?


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