#732 – Nerdy Doctors


This past weekend both Alycia and I were sick. Every week it seems a friend or coworker is down for a few days with a cold or the flu. Hopefully we’re past our bout of sickness; I can’t imagine a worse day to not have an appetite than Thanksgiving.

In light of all the little bugs going around, here are some nerdy doctors who could make us better.

The Doctor


Who better to find out what ails us than the Doctor? Not just a doctor but the Doctor. The Doctor chose his moniker because he wanted to help people. While he excels at time travel and astrophysics, he also knows a thing or two about anatomy and biology. I’m pretty sure he’d be able to prescribe something if I came to him with a cold or the flu. Hopefully that prescription would include flying through both space and time. Nothing could cure the common cold like some uncommon, timey wimey adventures.

Doctor Leonard McCoy

There were a lot of doctors I could choose from the Star Trek universe. Doctors Crusher and Bashir are both great. I don’t know that much about the Doctor from Voyager except that he’s a million times better than stupid Dr. Polaski. I decided to go with Star Trek’s original physician: Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy. I’ve really grown to love McCoy, after watching more of the original series and rewatching the first six movies. His passion for being a doctor is evidenced by his constant reminders that he is a doctor and not anything else. He also frequently shows his passion for his patients, my favorite being when he gave an old woman a pill and she grew a new kidney. In a world of superior and advanced humanity, Bones is a link to the passion and emotions that make us all human.

Doctor Doom

What kind of doctorate does Doctor Doom have? Did he get a PhD in violence and terrorism? Or is he a medical doctor who abandoned his Hippocratic oath? Either way I don’t think I’d make an appointment to visit Doctor Doom, even if he was the only doctor offered by my HMO. He is a genius but I don’t know how he’d apply that genius to my healthcare. He might write me a prescription for some antibiotics or he might inject me with some experimental nanites.

Thankfully Alycia and I were able to weather our sickness without a visit to the doctor. Had we needed to visit the doctor, though, I’m grateful God uses human hands to accomplish his healing.

Who are some of your favorite nerdy doctors?


4 comments on “#732 – Nerdy Doctors”

  1. Your blog post has an ambiguous title – not to mention dangerous. I wouldn’t call Doctor Doom “nerdy” (not to his masked face, at least… although I guess he was an uber-scientist in college, but I bet Reed was way nerdier, ‘cuz he still is!).

    Seriously, though, a very fun post. I laughed at the idea that an HMO would only cover Victor Von Doom as a service provider! I am especially appreciative of your appreciation of McCoy.

    Pau Zhan on FARSCAPE is another “nerdy doctor,” although she’s more of a mystic/healer/spritual priest than a flat-out physician. Also, though I didn’t much care for STAR TREK: VOYAGER as a whole, Robert Picardo as the EMH always entertained me.

    Hope you and Alicia feel better soon! Fix yourselves a big bowl of plomeek soup and stay warm!

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