#729 – New Christmas Music


I have some pretty clear-cut rules about Christmas music. I’ve written before that the only appropriate time to listen to Christmas music is after Thanksgiving dinner through Christmas Day. Any Christmas music listening that takes place outside of those firm boundaries is wrong. I have even gone so far as to label people who cross those boundaries Communists. While that moniker doesn’t have the same fire attached to it as it did 50 years ago, it still applies.

We all want to listen to Christmas music at some point during the year. When Christmas decorations are out at Target or Starbucks starts serving your latte in a red cup, we all want to listen to “All I Want for Christmas is You.” But, like Paul said, everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.

Here are some new Christmas albums that I want to listen to right now but will wait until next Thursday when I have gorged myself on turkey and stuffing.

Kelly Clarkson – Wrapped in Red


I had a major crush on Kelly Clarkson when I was younger. I really thought I would be able to meet and marry the first American Idol. I even had a chance after a concert but couldn’t pull the trigger. While my love for Kelly has faded my love for her music has stayed strong. She is an incredibly talented artist and I love all of her albums. I’m really excited for Wrapped in Red even though I’ll only be able to listen to it one month out of the year.

Duck the Halls: a Robertson Family Christmas


I’ve written a couple posts about the Duck Dynasty crew: here and here. I appreciate the Robertsons and how they wear their faith on their sleeves. I don’t watch Duck Dynasty, mostly because we don’t have cable. I wonder how long Duck Dynasty can maintain its popularity or if filming the show will start to take its toll on the family. At this point, though, their popularity is still through the roof, enough to justify a Christmas album. I’m not planning on buying Duck the Halls even though it has to be infinitely better than Jingle Dogs.

Tyrone Wells – The Christmas Album


Tyrone Wells is one of my very favorite singer-songwriters. He got his start playing small shows all around southern California. In recent years, though, he has been playing all over the United States and his songs have been featured in various media. He’s extremely talented and also very humble; I met him once and he was incredibly gracious. He released an EP with some Christmas music a few years ago but this is his first full Christmas album. You should definitely get The Christmas Album and all of his other albums. You won’t be disappointed.

I really want to listen to these albums but will abstain until next Thursday. After all self-control is a fruit of the Spirit and what better way to practice it than with Christmas music.

What Christmas music are you looking forward to listening to?


2 comments on “#729 – New Christmas Music”

  1. You know Tyrone wells!?!! That’s cool, yeah he is pretty good! And I agree on the Christmas music. I’m tired of it creeping further into the year, “stop it Allready I’m trying to trick or treat here!!!”

  2. Nice. But did u see snl sketch making funny of us ‘no Xmas stuff until after Thxgx” people. Very funny (and sort of sad).

    Rev. Robert Acker
    Senior Pastor
    909.945.5001 x255

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