#727 – Nerdy Rich Guys


Last night Alycia and I finished our last Financial Peace University class. It has been a great journey learning how we can apply God’s financial principles together. During the nine weeks we have learned how to better budget our money and save for the future.

If we play our cards right we might end up like one of these nerdy rich guys.

The Grand Nagus


Deep Space Nine was very different from The Next Generation. Its storyline with the Dominion War was much more serialized and the series as a whole was a lot darker. Deep Space Nine wasn’t without its moments of lightness and levity, though. Deep Space Nine’s Ferengi-centric episodes offered a lot of fun and laughter. Zek, the Ferengi Grand Nagus, was central to a number of Ferengi episodes. The Grand Nagus is the leader of the Ferengi Alliance and its shrewdest businessman. Zek made numerous appearances in Deep Space Nine, often flaunting his wealth and entangling Quark in some financial scheme. I always enjoyed Zek’s appearances, especially when he began a relationship with Quark’s mother (spoilers).

Tony Stark


I wouldn’t mind being Tony Stark for a day or two. I’m not interested in the womanizing and alcoholism. I’m very interested, though, in the limitless technological resources, the private jets, the fast cars and of course the Iron Man armor. In both the comics and the movies Tony Stark lives a very expensive and fast-paced lifestyle. I’m happiest when I’m at home with Alycia, but I wouldn’t mind flying to Italy for some Italian food or taking in a Bears game at Soldier Field. I know that money can’t buy happiness and true contentment comes from God. However, I can imagine that I would be happy flying on a private jet and would be very thankful to God for getting to visit my own private island.

Scrooge McDuck


One of the best parts about elementary school was coming home every day and watching DuckTales (woo hoo). There were 100 episodes and I must have seen all of them at least three or four times. I loved Scrooge McDuck even though I didn’t understand why he was going on so many geriatric adventures. Scrooge had a lot of money yet he didn’t seem content to sit around and enjoy his wealth. If I had a bin full of money you can bet that I would enjoy it, starting with building a swimming pool so I could swim in that instead. Even though he was pretty greedy, Scrooge never let money get in the way of his family and friends.

I don’t think Financial Peace University is going to make me grow rich beyond my wildest dreams. In fact, if I were rich, I’d probably have a lot more problems than anyone on this list. Thankfully God doesn’t call us to be rich but to simply trust in him as our provider.

But I wouldn’t turn away a rocket-powered suit of armor if he provided one.

Who are some of your favorite nerdy rich guys?


4 comments on “#727 – Nerdy Rich Guys”

  1. I’m rereading the Harry Potter series, and I always forget that Harry is a rich dude. It might have just been an easy deus ex machina for Rowling to open up some possibilities for Harry throughout the series, but I just love that he doesn’t really seem to care about his wealth. If I were in his shoes, I would be thrilled to know that I had a small fortune and could basically support myself and leave the Dursleys, or just buy another Nimbus 2000 when the original breaks. But it hardly ever comes up. And he uses it to be generous with his friends, which is nice. It has always bothered me that he didn’t offer to buy Ron some new dress robes, though.

    1. Harry’s a good call. I too appreciate how he seems unimpressed by his wealth and really only uses it to be generous with his friends. If Harry had bought Ron some new dress robes then we would have missed out on one of the funniest parts of the entire series.

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