#726 – Noah Trailer

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Last Friday a new trailer for Noah was released, which you can watch below.

Noah has been on my radar for quite some time. I will pay attention any time a talented and relevant director like Darren Aronofsky tackles a Bible story. I even saw some early footage of the movie earlier this year at Catalyst, a conference for Christian leaders.

I think the trailer makes Noah look like an epic adventure, akin to past biblical epics like The Ten Commandments. Unlike The 10 Commandments, though, it seems like Noah may stray from the biblical narrative. Even before the trailer was released, Noah was already causing a stir. Some in the Christian community are worried that Aronofsky has taken too many liberties with the Noah narrative.

However most of these concerns are over comments Aronofsky has made and one trailer. I don’t think too many people have seen the movie yet and we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Before passing judgment we should see the movie ourselves or at least read a review of the final film.

I’m actually all right if Aronofsky takes some liberties with Noah’s story in order to make a better movie. Noah’s story covers four chapters in Genesis; I imagine a movie script requires a little more content. I’d be fine with changes to make the story more exciting as long as Aronofsky maintains its central themes.

Humanity’s wickedness.

Noah’s righteousness.

God’s love and promise.

If those themes get lost in the shuffle, though, then we might be able to dismiss Noah as nothing but a Hollywood epic. However, if those themes are present, then we might be able to embrace Noah as a true biblical epic.

I’m sure there will be much more to discuss about Noah as we draw nearer to its March 2014 release. There’s also the possibility that The Christian Nerd will have some giveaways or exclusives related to Noah thanks to Grace Hill Media.

From what you’ve seen so far what are your thoughts about Noah?


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