#712 – Scariest Star Trek Aliens

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God commands us to “fear not” multiple times in the Bible. Instead of giving into our fears, God wants us to place our trust in him. There were a lot of times while watching Star Trek that I had a hard time following that command. I love Star Trek and its many iterations but, sometimes, the aliens on the show kept me up at night or gave me nightmares when I fell asleep.

Here are the some of the scariest Star Trek aliens.

Solanogen-based Lifeforms


Why are aliens still abducting people in the 24th century? Getting abducted by aliens was one of my biggest fears growing up. I hated everything to do with alien abduction, especially the traditional aliens with the big eyes and the big heads. I had hoped that the abductions would stop by the time the 24th century rolled around and humanity was in contact with various alien races. The solanogen-based lifeforms killed those hopes, though, when they started abducting and experimenting on the Enterprise’s crew. Their clicking noises still ring in my head and make me hope that they stay in subspace forever.

Ceti Eels


I love The Wrath of Khan but I always get a little freaked out by the Ceti eels. I’m pretty confident when using a Q-Tip but, other than that, I don’t need anything in my ear. The thought of one of those eels burrowing its way into my brain makes me immediately shake my head and scratch at my ear. And, as if them burrowing in wasn’t bad enough, them falling out is almost as disgusting. Thanks to the Ceti eels I now have an irrational fear of earwigs, which leads me to treat them like Picard treated the Borg on the holodeck in First Contact.

The Borg


I loved all of The Next Generation’s Borg episodes but they always made me a little queasy. They were all great episodes but the Borg always scared me a little bit. Every time I watched a Borg episode I always wondered if it was going to keep me up that night. Thankfully I first saw “The Best of Both Worlds” as a rerun; I don’t know if I could have handled an entire, sleepless summer waiting to see what happened to Captain Picard.

Like I wrote yesterday, I’m not planning on watching any scary movies this week. I don’t like Halloween and I don’t like scary movies. However, if you need to get scared, what better way than by a few Star Trek episodes or movies? Just try and avoid the first season of The Next Generation; it’s scary but for entirely different reasons.

What are the Star Trek aliens that scare you the most?


1 comments on “#712 – Scariest Star Trek Aliens”

  1. The ST monster who scared me the most as a child was Gargan from “And the Children Shall Lead,” not so much in his appearance (that is, his disguise) or demeanor, but by the way he used children to commit his acts of terror upon the crew. Between their fear and the smirks on the faces of the little ones in his thrall, he made for probably the most demonic character ever to appear on ST.

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