#709 – Biblical National Super Heroes



Along with a new poster released earlier this week, a new trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier debuts today. Other than The Avengers, Captain America: The First Avenger was my favorite of the Phase One movies. I’m very excited for The Winter Soldier and to see America’s hero take up his shield again.

Captain America really is our national hero. Here are some biblical heroes who also represented their nations.


David is a super hero. Like Batman he didn’t have any super powers, but he more than made up for it in courage and ingenuity. David was king of Israel during its golden age and he is still revered as a hero of that nation. The Israeli flag is emblazoned with a star that bears his name and a section of Jerusalem is still called the City of David. Whenever I think of ancient Israel I always think about David. He was Israel’s greatest king and perhaps the Bible’s greatest example of what it looks like to pursue God through the good and the bad.


Nebuchadnezzar was a Babylonian hero who ruled over his empire for 43 years. Nebuchadnezzar was known for his construction projects, including a giant statue that all of his subjects needed to worship. After his run in with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, Nebby started to realize that Yahweh was the one true God. However, he did go through his own valley during his hero’s journey. His arrogance led to his downfall and a year living like an animal. He eventually turned to God and was restored to his rightful place as hero of Babylon.


Of everyone on this list, Elijah really showed the most super hero-like powers. He could command animals like Aquaman. He could call down fire like the Human Torch. And he had something like Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. He was also one of the most revered prophets during Jesus’s time; he was right at the top along with Moses. Elijah is one of my favorite Bible characters because his relationship with God went through drastic changes from one minute to the next. Sometimes we think we need to always be even-keeled with God but he’s more than capable of handling our crazy.

Captain America is obviously America’s truest super hero – it’s in his name. I’m really excited for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and can’t wait to be in the theater next April.

What other biblical national heroes can you think of?


3 comments on “#709 – Biblical National Super Heroes”

  1. What, no Samson this time? Did you know I’d fuss at you? 😉

    If I wanted to pick a nerd fight with you about Captain America being our nation’s truest national superhero, I would (just because someone drapes themselves in the flag doesn’t make them a patriot – and he’s only a hero because of performance-enhancing substances!) — but I won’t do that. 😉

    Seriously, fun post. I continue to strive for your economy of well-chosen, insightful words (but usually still end up blathering). Thanks for your blog!

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