#708 – Psalm 37:5

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I’ve written about my grandpa before. He is 92 years old, a retired missionary and easily one of the godliest people I know. He has been a tremendous influence in my life and is one of the main reasons I went into vocational ministry.

Last night he came and shared with our high school students about how he had seen God’s promises in his life over the years. It was awesome to see how much respect and reverence a room full of high school students had for a nonagenarian.

My grandpa is a fountain of wisdom and, as he looked back on his life, one of the first promises he received came from Psalm 37:5.

Commit your way to the Lord;
trust in him and he will do this.

My grandpa has lived out that promise. He has committed himself to God, trusted in him through every situation and has seen God do a tremendous work in and through his life.

I love to hear my grandpa talk about his relationship with God. He’s had so much practice following God and seeking after his will that it now comes naturally to him.

I’m actually a little envious of his relationship with God.

His relationship with God comes so easily to him and I feel like mine is a constant struggle. I want an 80-year relationship with God like my grandpa instead of the 17-year relationship I’ve got going right now. But I know my grandpa got to his 80-year relationship with God one day at a time, and that’s the same way we need to.

God promises to work in our lives as long as we commit our ways to him and trust in him. Instead of looking ahead to where we’ll be in 80 years, though, we just need to look ahead to what God’s will is for us tomorrow.

What helps you commit yourself to the Lord every day?


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