#706 – Review: Gravity

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I finally got around to seeing Gravity and it was amazing. The movie was a visual spectacular; I can’t wait to get the Blu-ray and watch all the “making of” features. Alfonso Cuarón is a tremendous director and his vision made Gravity what it is.

Gravity also had some tremendous performances from its human elements. George Clooney was great as the shuttle commander and Sandra Bullock carried the movie as Dr. Ryan Stone. Like all great science fiction stories, Gravity tells a deeply human story amidst the genre action and suspense.

I loved Gravity and strongly suggest that you see it in 3D in the theater. Here are some other thoughts I had while watching Gravity.


Early on in Gravity we learn that Dr. Stone’s four-year-old daughter died in a freak accident. The loss of her daughter has obviously shaped her life and left her stuck. I’ve had friends and family lose young children before and I cannot imagine what that feels like. I can’t even begin to comprehend how someone deals with that kind of loss. Tragic losses are a sign of the deep brokenness in our world but how God works in the midst of them is a sign of his great love for us.


There’s an amazing scene that totally blew me away with its cinematography. Dr. Stone was curled up like a fetus and it signified her rebirth, her decision to start living life again. When we come to Christ we experience rebirth and new life in the here and now. Too often Christians spend their earthly lives waiting to die so their eternal lives can begin. However, when we experience our rebirth through Christ, our eternal lives begin immediately. Just like Dr. Stone began to live her life again, Jesus calls us to really begin living when we come to him. It’s true that we’ll have an eternity to live our eternal lives, but why not start living them now?

Stop Driving

“Stop driving” is a reference you’ll get if you’ve seen the movie. Suffice it to say, at its heart, Gravity is a movie about moving beyond the things that try to hold us down. In order to move forward and make progress in our lives, we need a lot of grace and a lot of intention. If we want to move forward, if we want to make progress, then we need to live intentional lives. God’s grace is certainly amazing but it can only take us so far. We need to trust that God will do his part to work in our lives but then we need to be intentional about doing our part.

I knew that Gravity was going to be technically amazing but I was impressed by its human story. It has as much to say about exploring the human condition as it does outer space.

What did you think of Gravity?


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