#696 – Real Life Lightsaber



There are a lot of science fiction technologies that, if real, would be totally awesome.

Warp speed would enable us to explore the galaxy.

Transporters would make this world an even smaller place.

Food replicators would solve the problems of hunger and malnourishment.

Those are all pretty awesome inventions, but there’s always been one that I’ve wanted more than the others. Ever since I first saw Return of the Jedi I have wanted a lightsaber. Traveling to the distant reaches of the galaxy seems insignificant next to owning an actual laser sword.

A professor at MIT has discovered a new form of matter after cooling photons and having them interact with each other. I don’t really understand the science behind the discovery, but the professor suggested that it could lead to lightsabers.

More importantly, the discovery could also lead to quantum computing, which would allow computers to process at the speed of light.

I love technology and all the advances humanity has made. I’m glad that God gave us the cultural mandate in Genesis 1:28:

“Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.”

God’s call to be fruitful applies to more than our ability to procreate. God wanted humanity to make advances in culture and technology. When we apply our intelligence, creativity and ingenuity to the world around us, we better reflect the heart and character of God.

Unfortunately broken people can use advances in culture and technology to pervert God’s intentions for them and the rest of the world. That doesn’t mean cultural and technological advances are bad, it just means that people still need to have their brokenness touched by the grace of God. And many of the advances we’ve made in culture and technology make it easier to bring and reveal that grace to the broken world around us.

I can’t think of how I would use a real life lightsaber to witness to someone but it couldn’t hurt. Well it couldn’t hurt my ability to witness, but it could definitely hurt if I accidentally cut my arm off.

How have you seen technology help advance God’s purposes in this world?

Thanks to Kevin at the Undiscovered Country Project for the link to the story.


3 comments on “#696 – Real Life Lightsaber”

  1. I would love to hear your take on Gen 4, the story of Cain’s descendants who were the founding fathers of cultural progress. The fuzziness between the goodness of cultural progress and the innate depravity of human nature is puzzling and continues to be a quagmire for Christians to interact well with those who are not. Well done, Scott!

    1. I think most cultural and technological advances are morally neutral. With a few exceptions it’s how we implement those advances that determines whether or not they advance or stall God’s kingdom. If Christians don’t engage with those advances then we’ll never get to see them used in a way that honors God and furthers his purposes.

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