#692 – Financial Peace University

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The fall is always a dangerous time for my checking account.

There are a number of new albums I want to buy (yes I still buy albums).

There are numerous video games that I want to play.

I hate my iPhone and can’t possibly be happy without a gold iPhone 5S.

This November there are two new video game consoles coming out.

With all of these potential financial pitfalls, I suppose it’s a good thing Alycia and I are going through Financial Peace University.

FPU is a 9-week course hosted by Dave Ramsey. Ramsey is a financial expert who helps people learn how to manage their money based upon biblical principles. I took the class before Alycia and I got married but, since our church is going through it, we thought it would be a good time to take the class together.

I really am excited to take the class with Alycia and to get on the same page with our finances. I know that if we weren’t on the same page, if I was left to my own devices, then I would buy everything listed above whether or not I had the money to pay for it.

By God’s grace I figured out tithing a couple years ago and it hasn’t been a struggle to give God his due. My bigger struggle, as I’ve written about before, is not being content with what I have. FPU helped curb a lot of my irresponsible behavior and I don’t always buy everything that I want. Even though the behavior has changed, the desire hasn’t. I still want a lot of stuff and I’m still not completely content with what I have.

I’m hoping that going through Financial Peace University again will be another transformative experience. It made a big difference in my life when I took it the first time and I think it can again. The first time the class changed by behavior and this time I’m hoping God will use it to change my heart.

Have you taken Financial Peace University? How do you view your finances God’s way?


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