#689 – Nerdy Birthdays


Happy birthday to me!

It seems a little self-centered to celebrate myself on my birthday, which is why we’re going to take a look at these nerdy birthdays instead.

Harry Potter


I can always remember Harry Potter’s birthday because it’s the same as my sister’s birthday. Harry had some terrible birthdays up until he turned 11. His birthday was often forgotten or celebrated with subpar gifts. After his first year at Hogwarts, though, Harry’s birthdays greatly improved. Not only did he get presents from Ron and Hermione but he also got to spend some time away from the Dursleys. I haven’t always had the best birthdays but I’ve also never been locked in a broom closet and forced to hang out with Augustus Gloop’s more evil twin brother.

Admiral Kirk


I can better understand Admiral Kirk’s midlife crisis in The Wrath of Khan now that I’ve been watching the original series. Captain Kirk was a young, brash cowboy looking for adventure at every turn during the Enterprise’s five-year mission. Admiral Kirk was trapped behind a desk, training cadets to explore the strange new worlds that he wanted to visit. Even the well wishes and gifts of his best friends weren’t enough to cheer him up. Again, I’ve had some bad birthdays but none as bad as facing down a maniacal superman. Maybe if Star Trek Into Darkness had centered on Captain Kirk’s birthday people wouldn’t have hated it so much.

Bruce Wayne


Man, none of these birthdays really went that well, including Bruce Wayne’s in Batman Begins. All Bruce Wayne wants to do is keep up the impression that he’s a carefree billionaire playboy. Instead of getting to have fun at his own shindig, he has to rescue Rachel from Arkham and fight off a bunch of League of Shadows ninjas. Even for my 32nd birthday I wouldn’t mind having a ninja-themed party, but not if they were trying to kill me. Bruce Wayne should have thrown a Batman-themed party; everyone would have been impressed with the authenticity of the decorations and party favors.

I’m hoping my birthday is a little less eventful than some of those listed above. As a kid I got really excited for my birthday and all of the presents. Now I’m just happy for another reason to hang out with my family and friends.

And if they happen to get me gifts then I’ll graciously receive them.

What are some of your favorite nerdy birthdays?


2 comments on “#689 – Nerdy Birthdays”

  1. + Bilbo and Frodo are both born on September 22
    + Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin go the Fortress of Solitude to celebrate Superman’s birthday in the Alan Moore story, “What Do You Get the Man Who Has Everything?” — only to run into Mongul
    + + In an old BSG episode (“Fire in Space”), Boomer says some highly improbable situation is “about as likely as the Cylons throwing me a birthday party”
    + I wonder if the Doctor still bothers to celebrate birthdays, or if over 1000 of them make them lose their novelty?

    Hope your big day (well, all your days, really) is happy and blessed!

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