#686 – Nerdy Autumn

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Yesterday was the first day of autumn. In most places around the United States that means changing leaves and changing temperatures. For those of us in southern California, though, the first day of autumn still means 80 degrees and sunshine. Even though I never experienced the traditional fall weather of the east coast, as a nerd I always loved autumn.

Here are some of the best nerdy parts about autumn.

TV Shows Return

I used to watch a lot more TV when I was younger. I had a full slate of shows that I would watch almost every night. Before cable, every show began its season at the same time: the fall. Things have changed a little bit with all of the original programming on cable channels, but most of the networks kick off their new seasons in the fall. This means a lot for nerds committed to their favorite television shows. I still remember counting down the days until The Next Generation debuted its final season and brought resolution to “Descent” and its story about Data, Lore and the Borg. I’m not too excited for any shows to return, but I am thoroughly excited for the debut of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this week. If it comes in on my antenna expect a review later this week.


I’ve turned a little Scrooge on Halloween in the past few years. I used to really enjoy dressing up and going Trick-or-Treating. At this point, though, it seems like adults have hijacked Halloween and turned it into an excuse to show too much skin and drink too much alcohol. However, nerds really like dressing up and Halloween is the perfect excuse to do so. Other than different conventions throughout the year, when else can a nerd proudly wear his homemade Wolverine costume or don his Eleventh Doctor costume, composed solely of items purchased at a thrift store? Halloween is a great excuse for nerds to dress up and to try and hide their bulky bodies beneath even bulkier costumes.

Fewer Outdoor Activities

The summer is great for all of its vacations and nerdy blockbusters. It’s not so great, though, because it’s full of so many outdoor activities. Nobody wants to go to the beach in December. Nobody wants to play volleyball outside the week before Thanksgiving. Nobody has a pool party on New Year’s Eve. Nerds love to be inside, playing their video games and getting rid of whatever tans they have. The autumn is the perfect time to cuddle up inside and pour some hours into that RPG or binge-watch that nerdy series on Netflix.

I love the autumn and I’m excited for the next three months. I’m already looking forward to Christmas and I love the NFL every week.

What do you like about the autumn?


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