#685 – Raining Tacos

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That song has been stuck in my head for about four days straight. I first heard it on a sports talk radio station a long time ago but, recently, it has been securely planted in my brain.

And I love it.

“Raining Tacos” is a song by Parry Gripp, lead vocalist and guitarist for the Star Wars-inspired band Nerf Herder. He produces a song of the week at his website, often based off current Internet memes. I don’t know what the inspiration was for “Raining Tacos” but I’m very glad for the Prometheus like revelation to humanity.

“Raining Tacos” isn’t the best song ever and I’m sure that I’ll grow weary of it at some point in the very distant future. Right now, though, it’s an entirely silly song that does nothing but bring some levity to my life.

Life is serious business. We have jobs, families, friends and the call of our God to partner with him in the redemption of this world. There’s a magnitude to our calling and we need to respond to that calling with all seriousness. There’s obviously joy and peace in our calling, but we should also look for opportunities for levity.

Even if that’s just a silly song about tacos.

What brings some levity to your life?


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