#670 – Fantasy Football: LOTR Edition

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It is fantasy football time again. As I’ve already confessed, in spite of my tremendous nerdiness, I love sports. I love watching sports, I love playing some sports and I love fantasy football. I’ve already had one draft and I have three more coming up this weekend.

I know a lot of nerds don’t like sports and cannot wrap their minds around fantasy football and its appeal. To help bridge the gap between nerdom and sports, here’s a fantasy football team composed of characters from the Lord of the Rings.

Quarterback – Aragorn


The quarterback is the leader of the team. He touches the ball on almost every offensive possession and the team’s success or failure generally rests on his shoulders. Aragorn is the obvious choice to quarterback the LOTR football team. Not only is he a natural-born leader, but he also has the physical strength and agility needed to throw the ball downfield and escape defenders. Since he is a Dunadan of royal blood, Aragorn would also be able to break every NFL record. His career could span decades, rewriting the history books with each passing season. He’d also give the best pre-game speeches ever.

Running Back – Gimli


Running backs need to be tough and able to take a lot of hits. Gimli would be the perfect running back for the LOTR football team. He’s short, has a low center of gravity and powerful legs that he could use to push the pile forward. He’s also a natural sprinter, give him some space and he could take the rock to the house every time. Gimli’s also a natural competitor and his passion for winning would be contagious. He might have to work on his conditioning, though, and he’d probably need a nutritionist to get his diet under control.

Wide Receiver – Legolas


Wide receivers need to be fast and they need to have a lot of style. Legolas was the most fleet-footed member of the Fellowship and he definitely had the most style. While Gimli and Aragorn were content to just kill their enemies, Legolas made sure his killings had a lot of flair. Terrell Owens had some of the most memorable touchdown celebrations but I imagine Legolas would be able to match them, either by skate boarding on a shield through the end zone or doing gymnastics on the uprights.

Backup Defensive End – Sam


Unfortunately the Hobbits wouldn’t be much good on the football field. They could be good team mascots or water boys but that’s about it. Except for Sam. Sam was Rudy and Rudy will always have a place on the football field.

I am really excited for fantasy football. I love drafting my teams and seeing how they do throughout the year. Last year I was in five leagues and won one of them. This year I’m in four and hoping to raise my winning percentage. And, even if I don’t win, I can always find solace in my nerdclinations.

What other LOTR characters would you draft onto your fantasy football team?


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