#663 – Anniversary


Wedding Day

Today is Alycia and my third wedding anniversary. In some ways it seems like we’ve been married longer and in other ways it seems like we were just walking down the aisle.

This year has been a little more difficult for me but Alycia has been completely supportive through it all. Through my trials I’ve learned the importance of being more emotionally open with Alycia, even when I’d rather follow Mr. Spock’s example. I’ve also seen the restorative power of our marriage even as I’ve had to weather some difficult seasons.

In short, I love my wife and she is truest blessing God has placed in my life.

Growing up I always wondered if I would find a wife who would accept me, nerdy warts and all. Not only does Alycia accept me she’s also embraced a lot of my nerdiness. I actually dedicated a post to Alycia and her own extensive nerdiness. She has been willing, though, to augment her own nerdiness with a lot of my own.

She has watched a lot of Star Trek with me.

She has watched a lot of Star Wars with me.

We watched all of Firefly and then Serenity.

She puts up with my over-excitement for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

She’ll stop playing Mass Effect 2 so I can continue replaying the original Mass Effect.

She’s further ahead in Candy Crush, which motivates me to keep playing.

I know that I am blessed to have married not just an incredibly godly woman but a nerdy one as well. For male nerds looking for a nerdy wife can be like Ahab’s search for his white whale. Thankfully God knew the desires of my heart and graciously fulfilled them in Alycia.

She’s the Leia to my Han.

She’s the Hermione to my Ron.

She’s the Jean Grey to my Cyclops…hopefully without all the deaths and resurrections.

What do you hope to find in your nerdy spouse? Or, what have you found in your nerdy spouse?


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