#662 – Worst Nerdy Jobs


I went back to work this week after two weeks of vacation. After a long summer of camps and overnight trips, I was excited to spend some time with Alycia and I was excited to spend some time with myself. Thankfully I like my job and was excited to get back to work.

Here are some nerdy jobs that I wouldn’t be as excited for.

Enterprise Security Officer


I’ve finally started watching Star Trek. I’m well versed in The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and the movies but I hadn’t ever watched the original series. I’m about halfway through the first season and that red shirt stigma is no joke. Some poor expendable red shirt (and some times a yellow shirt or a blue shirt) seemingly dies every other episode. Security officers and engineers on Kirk’s Enterprise had no hope of survival. I wonder if the red shirt death rate was as high on other Starfleet vessels? If it were, I would have made sure to follow a command or sciences path at the Academy. Apparently navigators, doctors and science officers aren’t as expendable as their red shirt counterparts.

Battle School Teacher


In preparation for the movie version of Ender’s Game, I recently read the novel upon which the film is based. I thought the book was a little slow at the beginning but, once Ender started fighting at the Battle School, I couldn’t put my Kindle down. Without giving too much away, the teachers at the Battle School are tasked with preparing their students to defend humanity against a vicious, alien threat. Sometimes that means the teachers have to push their students beyond reasonable limits, often breaking the students in the process. As someone who works with youth I couldn’t imagine being forced to break them, even if it meant saving humanity. Not only would it be difficult to break students but I also wouldn’t want to live with the moral quandary of training children to be soldiers.

Geonosian Supervisor


There are a lot of jobs I wouldn’t want in the Star Wars universe. I would hate to be an Imperial Naval officer because they have to wear those ridiculous, giant, black helmets. I’d also hate to be a Stormtrooper because they apparently never get any marksman training and their armor can’t withstand an attack by primitive, teddy bear weapons. Worse than those jobs, though, would be that of Geonosian factory supervisor. In Episode II Geonosis was home to the factories that produced the Separatist droid army. The entire system was automated so a Geonosian supervisor would just have to watch a bunch of machines making more machines. I’m sure I would enjoy it for the first few weeks as I passed every level in Candy Crush but, after a while, the monotony would get to me. To give myself something to do I’d invite some Jedi to come and tear the place up.

When God first created the universe work was good. Work can still be good if we adopt the perspective of Colossians 3, which tells us to work at everything as if we were doing it for the Lord.

So even if we were a red shirt, we should be a red shirt for the Lord…especially since we would be very close to meeting him.

What nerdy job would you dread going to every day?


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