#652 – Vacation

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I’m on vacation this week, enjoying some time away with Alycia. Some people wonder why I need a vacation; they ask, “Isn’t two weeks in San Diego at summer camp vacation enough?” I don’t know if you’ve ever been a counselor at a summer camp but I can assure you it is nothing like a vacation. Even though it’s nothing like a vacation, so many of our leaders take their vacation time in order to go to summer camp. So I know that I’m blessed to get to go to camp for work and still have time to take a vacation.

Alycia and I already went camping last weekend and this week we’re headed to Vegas. There’s a Star Trek Convention there this week but Alycia didn’t seem nearly as excited as I was. So, instead of throwing together a Borg costume out of random cables and wires, I’m just going to hang out with my wife. We’re going to see a show, eat some food and, most importantly, enjoy our time with each other.

I’ve written about rest and Sabbath a lot this year. Any time a topic continues to pop up it’s because that is something God is trying to teach me. I’ve learned a little bit about rest this year, but I’m still a novice. So I’m looking forward to this opportunity to rest, relax, unplug and spend some time with my God and my wife.

To that end I’ll be taking a little break from The Christian Nerd this week. I’ve scheduled new posts for the rest of the week but I won’t be checking in nearly as often. So if you leave a comment and I don’t reply, that’s probably why. The remote possibility also exists that the rapture occurred and while I got taken up to heaven you got left behind with Kirk Cameron.

What helps you rest and relax on vacation?


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