#645 – Quarterbacks and Cancer

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Childhood cancer is one of the surest signs that the world is not as it should be. Almost everyone’s life has been impacted by cancer in some way. Unfortunately a lot of children have been personally impacted by cancer as the disease has ravaged their bodies. When faced with something as awful as childhood cancer we can hold out hope for Christ’s return, when he will wipe away every tear and make all things new.

Thankfully, though, we can catch glimpses of that bright future in the here and now.

Yesterday morning I woke up and checked Twitter like I normally do. It was there that I saw a story from WithLeather.com, a blog that normally takes a sarcastic and irreverent look at sports. However, the story I read wasn’t filled with sarcasm and snark. It was instead filled with hope, love and selflessness, a story that truly reflected the heart and character of God.

You can read the full story here. In it you will read about Jacob Karam, the quarterback for the University of Memphis. While visiting St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Karam sat down at a piano and played and sang 10 songs with an 11-year-old girl battling leukemia. You can watch one of the songs below.

I don’t know if Jacob Karam loves Jesus or not, but the love and compassion he showed that little girl reflected the heart of Jesus. The world is filled with terrible things but we can follow Karam’s example and make it a little less terrible. Not only can we make the world less terrible but, more than that, we can shine the hope, love and selflessness of Jesus to the world around us.

Who have you seen reflect Jesus’s heart to the world?


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