#643 – Say Uncle


I love my roles as a Christian, a nerd, a pastor and a blogger. One of my favorite roles, though, is that of uncle. I have three beautiful nieces and one amazing nephew, to whom we gave a lightsaber for his first birthday.

This week I’ve once again been in San Diego on a little vacation with Alycia, my sister, her husband and their two daughters. While I loved being in San Diego with almost 70 high school and junior high students, I’m happy they’re at home and I’m here with my nieces. We’ve had so much fun hanging out on the beach and at the pool.

Last night Alycia and I watched our nieces while my sister and brother-in-law got some well deserved time together sans children. We made s’mores and jumped on the bed. We tried to calm down a screaming baby. My older niece said I was a dragon warrior and she defeated me by attacking me with tickles.

Hanging out with all of my nieces and nephew makes me more and more excited to have kids of my own. Before I became an uncle I wasn’t that excited to have kids. Now, after being an uncle four times over, I’m more ready than I’ve ever been. That doesn’t mean I want a kid tomorrow or in nine months but at least within the next few years.

I can’t wait to show my kids Star Wars for the first time and to read them the Chronicles of Narnia. When they’re older I’ll be excited to show them The Next Generation and Uncanny X-Men #275. I try to instill some of my nerdiness into my nieces and nephew, but as an uncle I can only do so much. As a father, though, I hope that my children’s love for nerdclinations is surpassed only by their love for Jesus.

What nerdy characteristics do you hope to pass on to your children? If you are a parent, how have you passed your nerdclinations onto your children?


2 comments on “#643 – Say Uncle”

  1. Final Fantasy series, VII VIII IX X. There’s a lot of character associations I formed with the characters in these games that I associated with and found comfort in while growing up, while greatly expanding my vocabulary. Not only where these games educational (at least with expanding my vocabulary and knowledge of greek mythology) but they also were relaxing, and peaceful at times, with beautiful soundtracks. Games I would recommend to anyone.

    I’d also pass on my interest in anime. I’ve watched through around 20 series of anime now and it is greatly underestimated by the general American population. They just don’t know the right ones to watch.

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