#638 – Lost


I’m a fairly well adjusted adult and my job takes a certain amount of responsibility. When we take 50 students to camp, ultimately, I’m responsible for those students. Fortunately I’m more responsible with our students than I am with my personal belongings.

Yesterday I lost my wallet. I had it out while I was getting into the trunk of my car, left it on the bumper and then drove away. I tried retracing my route but couldn’t find my wallet lying on the side of the road. Hopefully whoever finds it needs the cash more than I do.

Here are some lost nerdclinations.



When Voyager first premiered I was really excited for another Star Trek adventure. I liked Deep Space Nine but was ready to see a starship boldly going where no one had gone before. The Voyager’s crew really did go where no one had gone before and ended up getting lost in the process. Captain Janeway and company were flung to the other side of the galaxy, lost in the eyes of the Federation and Starfleet. My excitement for Voyager waned after only one season. I might get around to watching the series on Netflix to see how Voyager and her crew went from lost to found.

Lost In Space


My only real contact with Lost in Space was the 1998 movie. The movie wasn’t great but I was 15 and more than happy to watch anything with Heather Graham. I imagine Lost in Space worked better as a television series than a movie. In the movie the Robinsons were lost for two hours but in the series they were lost for a few seasons. To be honest, in the movie the Robinsons never found their way home. They ended the movie lost, hoping to find themselves in a sequel that never came. Fortunately for my 15-year-old self, Heather Graham found her way into Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. Can I say “shagged” on a Christian blog? Hopefully my British readers won’t be offended.

Land of the Lost


When I was a kid I got really excited to watch Land of the Lost. Honestly, looking back, I have no idea why. It wasn’t very good at all. It was really slow. The costumes were really bad. And that creepy monkey looking thing haunted my nightmares. I didn’t see Will Ferrell’s movie Land of the Lost, but it was universally reviled. Seeing as how the source material was pretty terrible, I don’t know what else Ferrell was expecting. From what I can remember a dad and his two kids got lost in the Savage Land and there weren’t any X-Men to rescue them from the Sleestaks.

I’ve been trying to think of why God would let me lose my wallet. I believe that God is sovereign but sometimes I think things just happen. Obviously it would have been better not to lose my wallet, but at least I didn’t lose it in the delta quadrant.

What are some other lost nerdclinations?


3 comments on “#638 – Lost”

  1. No, trust me, you are missing nothing by missing Voyager. Seven of Nine is a pretty good character, I grant — all her intended eye-candy value aside — but, really, that whole series was mostly a waste of time, for *precisely* the reason you identify. Trek isn’t supposed to be about being lost! It’s not about going home, but going forward.

    A far better sci-fi TV series about being “lost in space” and looking for a way home is Farscape. Have you seen it?

    1. I feel like I should watch Voyager to round myself out as a Star Trek fan; it’s a glaring blind spot.

      I haven’t watched Farscape. I wanted to when I was younger but sort of forgot. Now it seems a little daunting and complex. I don’t even know if they have it on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

  2. I enthusiastically second the vote for Farscape. It is very interesting and intriguing to watch Crighton’s transition over four seasons from “scared bunny rabbit” to helping shape the destiny of the galaxy.

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