#635 – Two Weeks

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I am wrapping up two weeks of camp back-to-back. I’m pretty exhausted but I’ve also been reenergized over the past 14 days. If you’re interested in reading some thoughts, highlights and insights from the past two weeks, please read on.

• Even after two weeks with students, I still love student ministry. I won’t miss sharing a bathroom with them, but I still want to work with them.

• Ministry, like any endeavor, is best done as a team. We have an amazing student ministry team and there’s no way I could have made it through two weeks without them.

• There’s still nothing better than God moving in the lives of people. I had some great conversations with students over the past two weeks. Conversations that showed me God was working in the lives of our students, challenging them to be more like him.

• I love recreation, painting my face, dressing up and shouting cheers as much as any of our students.

• It’s a blessing to partner with likeminded pastors, staff and organizations to do the work of God together.

• I’m starting to feel really old.

• Too many junior high students haven’t seen Star Wars.

• I learned that a Doctor Who bow tie lanyard looks a lot like a Hello Kitty lanyard.

• My wife is my favorite person because I am the most miserable when she’s not around.

• San Diego is like Mary Poppins: practically perfect in every way.

• Junior high students say some of the funniest things.

• High school students say some of the funniest things but I have to pretend that they’re not funny.

Even after two weeks I still love camp. I’m blessed with an amazing job that requires me to go to camp and invest in the lives of young people. After two weeks, though, I’m looking forward to some of the blessings that come from being at home.

What are some of your favorite summer camp memories?


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