#628 – Bow Ties Are Cool

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I rocked a bow tie for the first time this week. The fact that I was rocking it along with my Doctor Who lanyard almost made my head explode in a timey wimey paradox. I enjoyed wearing the bow tie far more than I did putting it on. I had never tied a bow tie before so I watched a YouTube video on how to accomplish that feat. I spent 19 frustrating minutes and one satisfying minute in front of a mirror attempting to tie the bow tie. No wonder the Doctor has a TARDIS; he needs to get back all the time he wastes tying his tie.

I’m looking forward to wearing a bow tie again, hopefully after some more practice. Here are some biblical items of clothing I wouldn’t mind donning as well.

Coat of Many Colors

Joseph’s coat may be the most famous article of clothing in the Bible. In a world where dyed fabrics were expensive and difficult to come by, Jacob got his son a coat of many colors. This coat is so captivating that it inspired the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I have never seen the show but read that it covers Joseph’s entire story, not just his coat of many colors. I like clothes but not enough to see two full acts dedicated to one coat.

Gideon’s Fleece

Judges is one of my favorite books in the Bible because its characters resemble biblical super heroes. Samson had super strength like the Hulk. Ehud was a master swordsman like Shatterstar. Gideon shouted and screamed like Banshee. Before his shouts sent the Midianites into a panic, though, Gideon wanted to make sure that God would really go before him. Gideon tested God with a fleece that ended up nice and damp. The heat in southern California has been rather oppressive this past week and I would love to cool myself off with Gideon’s fleece.

David’s Underwear

David is one of the greatest characters in the Bible and his life is filled with examples of how to pursue God wholeheartedly, through the ups and the downs. One of David’s high points was dancing before the Ark of God, giving everything he had because he was so excited and passionate about God’s presence. Apparently David could have won So You Think You Can Dance? with his amazing skills. He was such a great dancer that even his flowing robes were too constrictive. I’m not much of a dancer but, if I had David’s dancing underwear, maybe I could be.

I really am excited that I tied a bow tie because, as we all know, bow ties are cool. I just wish it were a little easier to be cool.

What other biblical clothing would you want to have in your closet?


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