#625 – Nerdy Summer Movie Preview: Part 2


We’re halfway through the summer but there are still a number of nerdy movies coming out. None of them have got me as excited as Iron Man 3 or Star Trek Into Darkness, but there are still a few I’m looking forward to. Check out these previews of the nerdy movies coming out in July and August.

The Lone Ranger – July 03


I love all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, which means I’m looking forward to The Lone Ranger more than I should. I know the Pirates movies weren’t that great and two and three had barely comprehensible plots. However, I’m a sucker for Gore Verbinski’s over-the-top action and Johnny Depp playing anybody. I don’t know why they have a white guy playing Tonto, but at least he looks less offensive than the Cleveland Indians’ mascot.

Pacific Rim – July 12


Of all the movies coming out over the next two months, I am the most excited for Pacific Rim. The only other Guillermo del Toro movie I’ve seen was Blade 2 and that scared me so badly I wasn’t able to sleep. Pacific Rim doesn’t look that scary and, instead of vampires, it has giant aliens fighting giant robots. Giant fighting robots is one of my favorite subsets in any genre and I cannot wait to see them take out some giant, Godzilla-like aliens.

R.I.P.D. – July 19


Apparently R.I.P.D. is based on a comic that I didn’t even know existed. It stars Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds as members of the R.I.P.D., an agency that makes sure dead people stay dead. It looks a lot like Men in Black with dead people instead of aliens, even down to Bridges playing the gruff veteran and Reynolds playing the mouthy rookie. It looks entertaining but maybe wait until Netflix entertaining.

The Wolverine – July 26


The Wolverine is set after the events of X-Men 3. In the trailers Wolverine looks really sad, which I understand because I was also very sad after X-Men 3 (I will recycle that joke when I review the movie in Juy). I still haven’t seen X-Men Origins: Wolverine, mostly because I heard it was terrible. I am excited for The Wolverine, though, because it’s based off of a great storyline from the comics and its director, James Mangold, has made some great movies like Walk the Line and 3:10 to Yuma. Also, I love Hugh Jackman whether he’s singing show tunes or slicing up fools with his adamantium claws.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters – August 02


This is based off a popular series of books. I didn’t see Percy Jackson: Lightning Thief and I’m not really planning on seeing Sea of Monsters. If a reader makes a compelling enough case and sends me an AMC gift card, I might reconsider.

Elysium – August 09


Neill Blomkamp’s first movie was District 9, one of the best original science fiction movies I’ve seen in years. Elysium looks to address a lot of the same social and injustice issues as District 9, this time in a world of classist segregation instead of alien segregation. Everything I’ve seen so far for Elysium has me excited and I think it could end up being one of the best nerdy movies of the summer. Iron Man and Star Trek were great but I think Elysium might have a lot more to say.

Kick A** 2 – August 16


As a Christian blogger and youth pastor can I admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the first Kick A**? Kick A** was extremely violent and very much NSFC. I imagine that its sequel will deliver much of the same over-the-top violence with adolescent girls cutting down a lot of grown men. I don’t know if I’ll make it to the theaters for Kick A** 2, but if I do I’ll try not to tell anybody. I don’t want someone to stumble because of my choice to eat meat sacrificed to an idol.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones – August 21


Apparently this movie is also based on a series of popular books. I just watched the trailer. This movie looks like Blade if Blade were a teenage girl and Kris Kristofferson were two young men who got involved in a love triangle with Blade.

The World’s End – August 23


I almost didn’t include The World’s End but I decided to because Simon Pegg is one of the world’s greatest nerds. Unlike those caricatures on Big Bang Theory, Simon Pegg is a real-life nerd who understands what it means to truly embrace nerd culture. Because of my fear of zombies I still haven’t watched Shaun of the Dead, but I thoroughly enjoyed Hot Fuzz. The World’s End looks to have the same mix of humour (I used the “u” because it’s a British movie) and action as Hot Fuzz, all set against the backdrop of a robot uprising.

The theaters are going to be packed with nerdy fare over the next few months, which is good news for us nerds. Thor: The Dark World and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug will be upon us come the holidays, but until then there are more than enough movies to tide us over.

Of the nerdy releases in July and August, to which are you most looking forward?


3 comments on “#625 – Nerdy Summer Movie Preview: Part 2”

  1. You should watch xmen origins. Its not as bad as you have apparently been told. Its nothing super spectacular, but if you like Hugh as Logan, you’ll like origins.

  2. I really want to see Elysium even though I am sure it will be rough. Won’t see the kick movie because I think it is horrible to use children in a movie the way they do it makes me sick. Another I am looking forward to I know will be rough lol is the colony. I think you are a blessing, you are a bright light on the internet when so much on it is darkness.

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