#624 – Nerdy Summer Camp Locations

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This Sunday I will be heading to the first of back-to-back summer camps. Next week I’ll be at summer camp with our high school students and the following week I’ll be with our junior high students. I love camp but even I’m a little nervous about two weeks of camp in a row. The last time I went back-to-back with summer camp I was 20 and had a lot more energy.

Even though it will be a busy two weeks, I really am looking forward to camp. I might be even more excited, though, if we were going to one of these nerdy camp locations.

Ewok Village


The Ewok village would be the perfect place for summer camp. We take our students to summer camp by the beach, but many camps take place in the forest amidst the trees. The Ewok village isn’t just amidst the trees; it’s literally in them. I would love to sit beneath the stars or sing around the campfire suspended high above the forest floor. The Ewok village would also have the galaxy’s best high ropes course for kids to traverse, jumping from tree to tree. And, best of all, after an evening of scary ghost stories, each camper would have his or her very own living teddy bear to fall asleep with.

Deep Space Nine


My heart will always belong to the NCC-1701D, but there will always be a place in my life for DS9. I know that Deep Space Nine doesn’t seem like a great place for summer camp, most of the crew left the station for their vacations. But, for 21st century kids like us there would be so much to do on DS9. The station already has a Bajoran temple that could be used for chapel, the holosuites could be used for any games or outdoor activities and the promenade would provide the perfect place for campers to spend all the money their parents give them. Also, Quark’s would provide the perfect place for campers to unwind after a long day and learn that gambling never pays out (especially when the house cheats).



All of the summer camps I’ve gone to have been Christian summer camps. I don’t know if it would be possible to go to a Christian summer camp at the home of the Norse gods. How silly would you feel if you were talking about our one true God, while Thor and Odin sat in the back with their arms crossed? We didn’t get to see much of Asgard in Thor but it looked like a really pretty, really shiny city. From the comics all I know about Asgard is that it ended up hovering above Broxton, OK and it came crashing down to earth during Norman Osborne’s siege. Still, if a place is good enough for Thor, Loki, Sif and everyone else, it’s good enough for some high school and junior high students. If nothing else, Asgard would probably have the best camp food ever; Volstagg didn’t seem like he could get enough.

Over the next few weeks my posts may take on a summer camp feel but I always get excited to share what God is doing. We won’t be in any of these places but we will be in San Diego, which may even be better than Asgard.

At what nerdy location would you like to hold your summer camp?


1 comments on “#624 – Nerdy Summer Camp Locations”

  1. As long as I get to eat marshmallows with Spock and sing “Row, row, row your boat”, I’ll be happy…

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