#623 – Giddiness

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Yesterday we took our youth group to Six Flags Magic Mountain. I spent the day surrounded by images of DC Comics characters and people wearing capes representing said characters. I understand why someone would wear a Superman cape, a Batman cape or even a Robin cape. I couldn’t understand, though, why anyone would wear a Flash cape, an Aquaman cape or a Wonder Woman cape. Those heroes didn’t even wear a cape and Aquaman is totally lame.

I wasn’t at Magic Mountain just to support Marvel in a DC world; I went because I love roller coasters. Ever since I kept my eyes open on Space Mountain for the first time, I have loved roller coasters. I love going fast. I love going upside-down. I love the feeling of my stomach dropping into my toes. I love roller coasters and yesterday I rode the most amazing coaster I’ve ever ridden.

X2 originally opened as X in 2002 but was redesigned in 2007 and reopened as X2. I had never ridden X2 before and I am so sad I waited this long. X2 is an amazing roller coaster and I cannot wait to ride it again. During its entire two-minute duration, I could not wipe the smile from my face. I was laughing the whole time and was completely filled with giddiness. The student sitting next to me said she had more fun watching me than riding the ride.

I love roller coasters because they truly make me feel like a kid again. For the short amount of time on a roller coaster, all of the worries of life can get lost in speed, loops, corkscrews and drops. That sense of giddiness we feel on a roller coaster is something that we should also find in our lives with God.

As Christians we often use language that describes our lives with God as a struggle, a battle or a process. There are definitely seasons when growing closer to God takes a lot more work and effort. Interspersed with those seasons, though, should be times when we simply enjoy our lives with God. God created us to enjoy life and to find our greatest enjoyment in him. We should find moments of sheer giddiness with God as we simply sit and enjoy being in the presence of our heavenly father.

Finding our giddiness in God is better than finding it in roller coasters because we don’t have to wait two hours to only spend two minutes with him.

When have you experienced giddiness with God?


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