#619 – Xbox 180

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I stole that title from the Twitter feed of The Verge’s Managing Editor, Nilay Patel.

Yesterday Microsoft announced that it was changing course for the Xbox One. After last week’s backlash from E3, the Xbox One will no longer need to be connected to the Internet at all times and it will be able to play used games. Instead of celebrating Microsoft’s backtracking, the Internet exploded with people mocking Microsoft for changing midstream.

Microsoft repented of its sins and, even though it didn’t go that well for Redmond, we should follow suit.

The Bible talks a lot about repentance, which is simply stopping and moving in a new direction.

God constantly called Israel to repent.

David repented after his sin with Bathsheba.

John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus by leading the people to repentance.

When we look at our lives and realize we’ve been moving in the wrong direction, we need to stop, turn around and move in a new direction. Microsoft searched its corporate soul and realized it had been moving in the wrong direction with the Xbox One. Instead of moving too far down that path, Microsoft stopped, turned around and hopefully saved its new console.

Thankfully when we repent and turn around the entire world isn’t watching. In fact, the changes we make may be so subtle that we might be the only ones who notice them. Even if the changes are small, as long as they’re making us more like Christ, they’re worth making.

Now let’s change the direction we’re going and head to Gamestop to preorder an Xbox One.

Now that Microsoft has made changes to the Xbox One, are you more likely to purchase one?


1 comments on “#619 – Xbox 180”

  1. Nope. Its still likely going to suck cause its more of an entertainment center than a gaming console, plus like the 360, your wallet is getting double dipped for online play and DLC as well as Netflix, Crunchy Roll and hulu. With all that and the $400 price tag, the PS4 is the better deal out of the two systems. Going to get a PS4 instead

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