#613 – Chewbacca Jerseys



Earlier this year Minor League Baseball’s Toledo Mud Hens paid homage to the Force by hosting a Star Wars night. Instead of just having Darth Vader throw out the first pitch or playing John Williams’s score throughout the night, the Mud Hens went all out by having their players wear Chewbacca jerseys. I love that Star Wars is popular enough to warrant baseball teams dedicating entire nights to it. I love the Chewbacca jerseys but here are some other nerdy jerseys I would like to see.

  • Star Trek jerseys would be totally sweet. There are a lot different Starfleet uniforms but I think a baseball uniform based on a Klingon uniform would be the best option.


  • The Doctor always has his own sense of style. I really liked David Tennant’s hair and Matt Smith’s bowtie has grown on me. Still, though, I’d like to see a Dalek baseball uniform. Not only would a Dalek uniform strike fear into the other team, but it would also drag the infield.


  • There are a lot of super hero uniforms that would make for a great baseball uniform. However, I think Namor’s would let the baseball players to get a tan as well as keep the ladies interested.


  • Nintendo recently announced that Mega Man would join the Super Smash Bros. lineup. A baseball uniform with an arm canon would be perfect for a pitcher.


  • It took a long time for me to watch Alien and Aliens but I eventually got around to it. I loved the movies and would love to see a baseball uniform based on Ripley’s exosuit cargo-loader. I don’t think it would be that great for playing the hot corner but a catcher could definitely block the plate.


I love baseball and I love nerdclinations; there’s nothing more perfect than when those two worlds collide. We may never get to see any of these nerdy jerseys, but at least there’s a Chewie jersey out there someone.

What nerdy jersey would you like to see?

Thanks to Kevin from The Undiscovered Country Project for the tip.


4 comments on “#613 – Chewbacca Jerseys”

  1. Ha! I wondered where you’d go with this one. Good stuff. Seems to me the Klingon thing is better suited to football, though. 😉

    I’d want a Niners jersey from DS9’s “Take Me Out to the Holosuite!” I suppose that’s a bit obvious, but I like nerdy things that only nerds would understand. A TNG uniform jersey would also be cool, but most people would get the reference.

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