#612 – iOS 7



Yesterday Apple introduced iOS 7, its new operating system for iPhones and iPads. From what I’ve gleaned on Twitter, it seems like Apple has taken some notes from Android for iOS 7. I have an iPhone but don’t hate Android or Android users. New operating systems don’t really excite me that much but I’m sure I’ll download iOS 7 as soon as I can this fall.

Even though they don’t really get me going, new operating systems can be a lot of fun. I’ve been looking at the same basic operating system for the past four years. It’ll be like I have a brand new phone once iOS 7 gets up and running. Whether we’re representing iOS or Android, it’s nice to get a new operating system. Things may not change that much from update to update, but every so often there’s a major overhaul and we wind up with something almost entirely new.

I think Jesus works in our lives in the same way.

When we look back at our spiritual growth and development it probably looks a lot like the iOS updates. When we first come to Christ we’re like a newly launched operating system. The old has gone, the new has come and we have all the exciting features of a brand new life. The excitement of finding Jesus for the first time can propel us for a long time. Like an old operating system, though, eventually that initial momentum wears off and we need an update.

That’s one of the best things about Jesus: he’s always working in our lives. Apple never stops updating its operating system and Jesus never stops updating our lives. As long as we surrender ourselves to him every day, Jesus will keep working in our lives and keep making us better versions of ourselves.

From year-to-year the updating that Jesus does in our lives may not seem that significant. There may be some subtle changes and small differences. Over the course of time, though, if we continue to let Jesus work in our lives, subtle changes will lead to big differences. And by the time we reach the end of our lives, by God’s grace, our Nokia brick phone lives could end up being fully functioning smart phone lives.

Whether we’re operating at iOS 7 or still playing Snake on a green screen, Jesus is working in our lives. The changes may seem small right now but, over the years, we’ll be amazed at how much more like Jesus we’ve become.

What helps you experience updating from Jesus?


2 comments on “#612 – iOS 7”

  1. Definitely during difficult trials. During, and especially after difficult trials…Jesus just keeps sending updates my way.

    He doesnt ask me if I would prefer them when I am connected to wifi, and doesnt let me press pause on them either.

    I’m also glad he doesnt give me a factory reset option either. Although…if I could factory reset (start life over) and keep my storage device card (with knowing what I know now…) ……..

  2. Very true, and there is no charge for any of Christ’s up-dates. We just have to be willing to receive them and accept the changes, knowing they are the best for us. (And we don’t have to go to the “green robot” to get something better.)

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