#606 – New Bible Doctor



Yesterday Matt Smith announced that he would end his run as the Doctor at the end of this year. I loved David Tennant as the Doctor and, at first, was really unsure about Matt Smith. While I still prefer Tennant, I have enjoyed Smith’s turn and all the nuances and idiosyncrasies he’s brought to the character. The search now begins for the 12th Doctor. Instead of speculating about who will be the next person to step into the TARDIS, though, I thought I’d look at some Bible characters who would make a great Doctor.


The Doctor’s most powerful weapon is his brain. At over 900 years old he’s had a lot of time to learn about every intricacy of the universe. He’s great at formulating a plan and working that plan. While he may not know as much about physics and thermonuclear dynamics, Solomon was still pretty smart for his day. He was one of the wisest men who ever lived and he was known throughout the world for his ability to answer questions. The Bible says that the Queen of Sheba praised God because of Solomon’s ability to answer every question; he was like an ancient version of Wikipedia. Solomon’s extensive knowledge would make him a perfect candidate to be the next Doctor, as would his very extensive experience with companions.


I really liked David Tennant’s last few episodes and specials as the Doctor. He really showed the loneliness inherent in outliving all of his friends and everyone for whom he cared. For all the friends and companions he’s had, the Doctor knows that he will eventually end up alone. Rose was trapped in another dimension. Martha left to marry Mickey. Donna couldn’t remember the Doctor or else she’d die. And I haven’t seen what happens with Amy and Rory yet – no spoilers. Of all God’s prophets, Jeremiah would have best understood the Doctor’s loneliness. God called Jeremiah to prophesy about Judah’s impending fall at the hands of the Babylonians. Jeremiah pretty much only prophesied doom and gloom, so much so that the people hated him, beat him and even through him into a well. The underlying loneliness of the Doctor is one of his most fascinating traits and I think Jeremiah could communicate it very clearly.


Doctor Who would be really boring if he just stayed on the same planet and didn’t travel throughout time. I enjoy some of the more pedestrian episodes like when the Doctor had a flatmate and played soccer. But I wouldn’t be nearly as excited to see the Doctor playing soccer every week and eating fish and chips with his friends. The Doctor travels all over the universe with his friends and Paul did the same thing, just with the known world instead of the totality of time and space. Paul’s companions included Barnabas, John Mark, Luke and Priscilla and Aquila, Paul’s version of the Ponds. The Doctor’s adventures might be more exciting but Paul’s have had a much bigger impact. Paul spread the Gospel to the Gentiles, for which my non-Jewish self is very grateful.

I’m sad to see Matt Smith go but I’m happy to know the Doctor will live on. I’d speculate as to who I think the next Doctor should be but my knowledge of British actors is limited to those from Harry Potter. British odds makers have set Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) as one of the favorites to be the next Doctor. I think that’s based off of the 11th Doctor’s desire to be a “ginger” more than any actual evidence.

What other Bible characters would make a good Doctor?


4 comments on “#606 – New Bible Doctor”

  1. Scott – Great post! Hits that geek/faith sweet spot you wrote about dead on!

    If church tradition is correct in identifying the evangelist Luke with “the beloved physician,” then we already have a biblical traveling Doctor! 😉

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