#605 – Guardians of the Galaxy Update

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Of all the Phase 2 movies in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, I am most looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy. I haven’t read any of the Guardians comics but the idea of an intergalactic peace keeping force sounds totally awesome, especially because one of its members is a talking, anthropomorphic raccoon. I love all of the Avengers but I can’t wait to take to the stars with Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora and Rocket Raccoon.

There have been some recent updates to Guardians of the Galaxy and I thought I’d run them down.

  • Christ Pratt (Andy from Parks and Rec) will be playing the leader of the Guardians, Star-Lord. Andy is one of my favorite characters on Parks and Rec and I’m excited to see Chris Pratt in a different type of role.
  • Fresh off her turn as Uhura, Zoe Saldana will be playing Gamora, a green-skinned alien. I don’t know anything about Gamora but with Guardians and Avatar, Saldana might get typecast as different colored aliens.
  • Former WWE wrestler Dave Batista is playing the role of Drax the Destroyer. Batista was a great wrestler but I don’t remember him having as much charisma as someone like the Rock. I really want to see the Rock in a Marvel movie. What super hero could the Rock play?
  • More recently John C. Reilly has been cast as the Agent Coulson equivalent in Guardians. Reilly is a great actor who excels in all of his roles. I especially enjoyed his performance in Chicago, which is probably a better musical than Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark…probably.
  • Pushing Daisies is one of my favorite television shows ever. It kills me that it got canceled but Two and a Half Men is going on its eleventh season. Lee Pace, the pie maker from Pushing Daisies, has been cast as the villain in Guardians of the Galaxy. After losing out on the role of Star-Lord, Pace still got a job as the villain and villains are always cooler.
  • Perhaps the most shocking casting development is Glenn Close as the leader of the Nova Corps. Again, I don’t know much about the Nova Corps, but I think they’re Marvel’s equivalent of the Green Lantern Corps. Glenn Close is a really accomplished actress and I can already see her chewing out Star-Lord and his rag tag group of Guardians. Hopefully Glenn Close will help Guardians of the Galaxy be better than Green Lantern, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

I hope others are as excited about Guardians of the Galaxy as I am. I loved Iron Man 3 and can’t wait for Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But I’m most looking forward to August 1, 2014 and the release of Guardians of the Galaxy…not that anyone is counting down the days.

How excited are you for Guardians of the Galaxy?


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