#600 – Worst Nerdy Retreats


As I wrote about yesterday I was on a retreat this week. I had a great time getting away, spending time in solitude and connecting with God. The setting was very conducive to the retreat as we were tucked away in the foothills at a beautiful Catholic retreat center. I can only imagine that things would have gone much worse had we gone to one of these nerdy settings.



Who wouldn’t want to have a spiritual retreat in the middle of a volcano? There are a lot of places in the Star Wars universe that would be great for a spiritual retreat: Dagobah, Naboo and even the parts of Hoth not crawling with Imperials or Wampa. Mustafar looked really hot in Episode 3 and I don’t think the smell of Anakin’s burning flesh would help me better connect with God.



Qo’noS (Kronos in English) is the Klingon home world. While it may be a great place for Klingons to commune with Kahless, as a Christian human I don’t think it’s where I want to try having a quiet time. I really connect with God in the midst of nature surrounded by plants and animals. From what I’ve seen in different Star Trek series and movies, Qo’noS doesn’t have a lot of trees or furry animals. I really had a great experience observing some deer; I think that experience would have been less impactful had I been observing a targ.


Isla Nublar


A tropical island in the Pacific sounds like an ideal place for a spiritual retreat. I love the beach and I love tropical forests. However, it would be difficult to find solitude on Isla Nublar while surrounded by dinosaurs. The 7-year-old in me wants nothing more than to hang out with a triceratops. Unfortunately, to hang out with a triceratops, I’d also have to run the risk of hanging out with a tyrannosaurus rex or velociraptor. Though a near-death experience of running for my life would probably do wonders for pushing me closer to my maker.

We all need some time to retreat and reflect. Sometimes that means getting away to the mountains or the beach. At the very least that can mean escaping to our porch or a quiet room in our homes for a morning of peace and quiet. It definitely doesn’t mean hanging out on a volcano planet or with flesh eating, overgrown lizards.

What other nerdy retreats would be terrible?


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