#595 – Unplugging



Star Trek Into Darkness was great. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier was not great. I haven’t seen Star Trek V in a long time but I clearly remember the camping scene in Yosemite. Kirk, Bones and Spock spend time in community with each other, unplugging from the world around them. It’s interesting to see that even in the 23rd century people still feel led to spend time beneath the stars away from civilization. While I won’t be climbing El Capitan with or without hover boots, I will be camping and unplugging this weekend.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to unplug this weekend. For all of the great advantages of smart phones, they can also become the world’s most technologically advanced leashes. Our phones can pull us away from the moment and tie us to people and problems miles away. Camping helps us to unplug better than most vacations.

There’s no wifi.

There’s nowhere to charge my phone.

There’s spotty reception, which makes sending texts and receiving phone calls difficult.

There’s something special about the faces of friends and family being lit by starlight and a campfire as opposed to smart phones and tablets. Unplugging from our phones gives us the ability to plug into something else. When we’re not distracted by texts, tweets, status updates and notifications, it gives us the space. We can use that space to better connect with others, spend some time with God or just find some silence and solitude.

Humanity has been spending its nights beneath the stars since the beginning and, according to Star Trek V, will continue to do so well into the future. I’ll be happy to spend time surrounded by God’s creation without my electronic leash holding me back.

What helps you unpug?


7 comments on “#595 – Unplugging”

  1. Star Trek V was not great, but it is also not as bad as everyone thinks.

    Looking forward to reading your STID review, but holding off until after tonight. Thrusters on full!

    1. I like Star Trek V pretty well. It’s got a lot of my favorite thing about Star Trek: Kirk, Spock, and McCoy hanging out together!

      There are two ways that I prefer to watch it: With Rifftrax and as edited into an imaginary Phase II TV episode.

      1. Play the Jungian card and I’m in. Whenever our species ‘accidentally’ does the same kind of thing (like sit by the fire, under the stars), over and over again, I get good chills!

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