#589 – Who is Iron Man?



As I wrote in my review of Iron Man 3, Robert Downey Jr. is and has been absolutely perfect as Tony Stark. He made Iron Man and was the biggest draw for non-nerds in The Avengers. I would have seen every movie in Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe whether or not Downey had been cast as Tony Stark. However, there are plenty of people who have no affinity for Marvel’s mightiest heroes and wouldn’t have had any interest in Iron Man or The Avengers without Downey’s involvement.

Those people may be disappointed, though, when they find out that Downey is no longer contractually obligated to play Iron Man.

Downey’s involvement in The Avengers 2 and any further Marvel movies is definitely up in the air. Downy doesn’t have to make any more Marvel movies and if Marvel wants him back, it’ll have to pony up big time. Downey already cleared anywhere between $50-70 million for The Avengers and could ask for close to $100 million to don the iron suit once again. Marvel is notoriously frugal (cheap) and may not be willing to pay Downey that much, even if he is the anchor for the Avengers.

If Robert Downey Jr. didn’t return as Tony Stark, would you be willing to pay $15 to see The Avengers 2 or Iron Man 4?

I think that Marvel should pay Downey whatever he wants to be in The Avengers 2. After it becomes the most successful movie of all time, I think Marvel will have more than enough momentum to recast Tony Stark in all of its Phase Three movies.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about whether or not The Avengers 2 and subsequent Marvel movies can be successful without Robert Downey Jr. I’ve already spent 298 words writing about it which, in light of everything else going on in the world, seems like 298 words too many.

There are plenty of problems in the world and thinking about how to end poverty or raise literacy are much more important than Marvel’s plans for its Cinematic Universe. However, we can’t just focus on the problems of the world; if we did that we would be completely miserable. God extends his grace to us in many ways, including ways to entertain and distract ourselves. We shouldn’t let our entertainment and distractions consume us, but we also shouldn’t deny ourselves some simple, non-sinful pleasures.

The full life Jesus gives us is only found in him, which may include watching Iron Man 3 and speculating about future Marvel movies.

What do you think about Robert Downey Jr.’s involvement in future Marvel movies?


2 comments on “#589 – Who is Iron Man?”

  1. Hmmmm. I am definitely on your side and believe that the movies would not be the same without RD Jr. I also, like you, think Marvel would be silly to not at least get him to do the Avengers 2. But for just a second, lets think about who could even be thrown into the conversation for a replacement……

    Bradley Cooper – I could actually see this working.
    Ryan Kwanten – Definitely the “no name” of the group.
    James Franco – I don’t know about this one….
    Jon Hamm – I have REALLY started to like this guy and I think he could pull off the snarky, witty, comic relief side of the character quite well.

    Anyways, hopefully it doesn’t come to that and we get to enjoy at least a couple more Robert Downey Jr Iron Man flicks. BTW, thank you for your us of spoiler etiquette. It was nice to read a review without getting anything ruined…..planning on going to catch it at the drive in along with Star Trek next weekend! CANNOT WAIT!

    Thanks for the blog….found it recently and I am definitely a fan!

    1. Thanks so much for checking it out!

      Bradley Cooper is a great suggestion; I think he definitely has the snark to pull off Tony Stark. I think Marvel hopes all of their super heroes are like James Bond, with different actors putting their individual spin on them over the years.

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