#587 – Twitter Archive

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Over the past year I have really fallen in love with Doctor Who. I love the Doctor, I love the companions and I love all of their timey-wimey adventures. If I had a TARDIS I’d fly all through the time vortex, visiting some of the most significant moments in history. While none of us have a TARDIS, DeLorean or other time machine, we can visit our past like the Doctor or Marty McFly.

Twitter now allows each user to download his or her Twitter archive. You now have the opportunity to see every Tweet you’ve ever sent throughout your Twitter life. It’s a simply matter of logging into Twitter, going to settings and downloading the archive.

I’ve been on Twitter for four years and it has been fun to go through my archive and see how my life has changed.

Four years ago I still watched a lot of Cubs baseball and spent a lot of time with my “GF”.

Two years ago I was less than a year into marriage and this blog.

Last year I was still complaining about people buying Frappuccinos at Starbucks.

There are a lot of dangers to social media: they can distract us, they can pull us away from our relationships and they can waste a lot of our time. However, they’re also a tremendous way to archive our lives and see where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing. Looking at my Twitter archive shows me the areas that I’ve grown and the areas that still require some attention.

We may not be able to go back in time but we always need to look back across our lives. Unless we stop and reflect on where we’ve come from, it might be easy to get discouraged. In the moment it’s difficult to see how we’ve grown, but if we look back we can see how far we’ve come.

God has promised to finish the work he’s completed in us and we should celebrate with every step we take.

How do you look back across your life?


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