#584 – Grandpa

San Diego. Drink it in, it always goes down smooth.
San Diego. Drink it in, it always goes down smooth.

Over the past few weeks I have been very intentional about feeding my soul. I feel like the Scott’s Turf guy and have been telling myself, “Feed it.” For me this has meant some reading, some ellipticizing, some solitary time and spending a lot of time with my family. I have spent a lot of time with my sister and her two daughters and yesterday I drove to San Diego to spend time with my grandpa.

By itself, spending time in San Diego feeds my soul. I often ask Jesus to let Alycia and me move to San Diego. The weather is perfect year-round, it’s not as rushed as Los Angeles and it is home to the original Hash House a Go Go. On top of all the soul feeding qualities of San Diego, it is also home to my grandpa.

I’ve written about my grandpa before: here and here. He truly is an amazing man, made more amazing by the fact that he is thoroughly unimpressed with himself. Through his work as a missionary in Ecuador and Mexico, my grandpa has done amazing work for the kingdom of God. He takes none of the credit for himself, though, and realizes that it is only through hard work fueled by God’s grace that he accomplished anything.

I’ve visited with my grandpa before when I’ve been going through a difficult season. Years ago when I got dumped by my first girlfriend, I drove down to San Diego and spent the afternoon with my grandpa and my grandma, before she had passed away. It was great just to sit with them and hear about their lives, lives that had centered on Christ for over 70 years. Even in the midst of my broken heart and lovelorn state, their love for each other and their love for Jesus fed my soul.

Yesterday also fed my soul. I’m not brokenhearted but we all need to look to the care of our souls. I’m so grateful that I have someone like my grandpa in my life with whom I can spend time and glean all sorts of wisdom. I’ve only been in full-time ministry for six years; my grandpa has over 10 times the experience I have. Any questions I have about ministry he answered for himself long ago. Because of our discrepancy in experience, I feel like he is an almost bottomless well from which I can keep drawing wisdom and insight.

Even though he’s 92 years old, I hope I still have many years left to draw from the well that is my grandpa. Even after the Lord takes him home, though, I know his life will continue to echo through the countless lives he has touched.

Who in your life feeds your soul?


5 comments on “#584 – Grandpa”

  1. I miss my grandpa really bad he passed away in 2008. It was really hard for me cuz the last time I saw him was in 2002. He is with Jesus now.

  2. What a blessing that your grandpa can still read and/or hear this. He sounds like a wonderful man, but I also appreciate your reminding us, by example, to tell our loved ones that we love them while we can. Yes, we believe death is not the end – but, all the same, time marches on for believers as it does for everyone.

  3. Scott, with grandkids like you it’s a God-given privilege to be a granddad. I praise God that all of my 10 grandchildren know and are following The Lord; many of them, like you, are in Christian service. PTL!

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